[A letter to Soppi.]

  • Soppi,

    I am sure I am one of the last people you want a letter from, but I still wish to assist you. I have done nothing personally to cause harm to our mutual friendship, though you seemed to have taken what the late Lawkeeper, and what Bound, and Scholar did, as an action of all the Tel'Quess. I have done nothing but aid you in whatever you asked of me to do. I ventured with you to the Helmlands, I pledged my assistance to you in your attempts to restore some balance to said location. I have even spent my own time searching for the muds and waters that you need, though to no avail.

    Nontheless, I wish to respond to your post.


    On a related note, since Lady Sheela obviously wants none of the above to happen, I would appreciate if people mail me information relating to clues that the above are happening or about to happen. Additionally information on the following will be appreciated:

    1. Animal or plant mutations.

    2. Humanoid mutations or pregnancy complications.

    3. Unexpected surges in undead numbers.

    4. Dragon cult activity

    5. Wild or dead magic zones.

    In my times traveling the lands, the Easthaven Cemetary had not been as active as it has recently been. A few days a go, I crossed a rather large sized group of Undead Purple Dragons. Then days after that, I encountered several vampires, including mages and warriors among the group.

    Not since recently have I crossed such a powerful group of undead. I wish to aid you in whatever it is that you wish to do about this, as my oath speaks of balance, and this is dangerously close to tipping the scale. While my kin will always be my kin, it is my oath that comes first, always.

    Write me back with your comments, or concerns.

    -Oathtaker Alysia

  • Oathtaker Alysia

    Thank for your offer and help. Through I can't work with you directly at this time, I advise you to pressure your High Priestess into accepting my request to talk of the matter and ask her to accept you as part of the elven side of the talk as well.

    On the topic of the talk… the fact is Lawkeeper betrayal was deep and done in the name of the elven people, therefore anger falls on your people out the unfairness of it. Someone need to accept blame for his misdeed and atonement need to happen.

    My Helmlands project seems a obvious cause that you High Priestess could publicly push as a step to show the elven peoples regret over Lawkeepers actions being so self serving. I also like to point one of the reason my people, the dwarfs and the gnomes have taken this especially bad is because if we had souls coming in, then our gods could win the battle against the monster gods they fight tooth and nail with as we speak. If your High Priestess could push her people to pray for Seladine to join our side and fight the monster gods too.... it might go a long way towards fixing relations.

    On Bound and Scholar, they broke one of the unwritten rules of being adventurer, no matter what you think of your allies in the wilds, you don't attack them. They attacked a ally and stole a precious item from them, in the light of that why should they ever be trusted again? They must atone, and they must take responsibility for what they did, rather than hiding behind excuses.

    Once your people show effort to publicly and effectively fix things, then I will call of the negatives actions towards your kin, as the people of Arabel will feel in the hearts that there pains and upset have been heard and replied too. If they ignore these feelings, then I can't see this anger going away, nor can I discount someone with far less regard for life might take advantage of it.

    I hope things become happier in the future between our peoples.