Mythalite mine in the Hullack

  • It comes to my attention that mining of Mythalite has started in the Hullack, despite warnings that it could well cause several magical distastes to befall the region. Therefore for the sake of 'I told you so' I will list several events likely to happen in due course:

    1. Helmland expansion, including the possibility of the wild magic and monsters curse to affect Arabel proper.

    2. Eastway undead curse growing in power.

    3. The Hullack becoming a cursed region full of unholy monsters.

    4. The Sibilant Shade attacking the city.

    Therefore when these events happen, do feel to take your complaints to Lord Hardcastle and his love of mining his monopoly at any cost.

    On a related note, since Lady Sheela obviously wants none of the above to happen, I would appreciate if people mail me information relating to clues that the above are happening or about to happen. Additionally information on the following will be appreciated:

    1. Animal or plant mutations.

    2. Humanoid mutations or pregnancy complications.

    3. Unexpected surges in undead numbers.

    4. Dragon cult activity

    5. Wild or dead magic zones.

    Priestess Soppi Oakellow of Lady Sheela

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