Retainer Dhulir

  • Bet you didn't expect a missive from me, did you?

    You seem to me like a good sort, so I'm casting a line hoping maybe I can hook your interest; if I was to go out of my way to find mythallite deposits elsewhere than the Hullack, would it mean your lord would leave it alone or is he one of these delusional folks who believes everything within their sight is their domain? Also known as 'The Banite Model' I really and truly don't care about the law of the matter, the land was here long before any silly writ was put to paper and will be so long after it if these short lived, short sighted people don't destroy it first.

    I'm not looking to cast shade, frankly I love cities myself, but if the people who tend and walk the land say mythallite is a poison but somehow necessary to maintaining it? I'm inclined to side with them; after all, I wouldn't ask a blacksmith to fix a broken bone, their competencies lie elsewhere outside of bone mending. Thoughts would be appreciated, and I can be reached at the Spire.


  • Lass, If you went out of your way to find Mythalite for Lord Hardcastle in an equal quantity, I'm certain some arrangement could be made. I'll need some evidence of this supposed mythalite ; The Glade was claimed after much effort, An equal effort would be required if you and yours simply wish to claim it. Keep in mind Lord Hardcastle has full ability - and inclination - to mine the place dry before leaving it as required.

    -Retainer Runemagner

  • Retainer,

    All I needed to know. Cheers!