Soppi - Spire

  • Heya,

    I don't expect you to believe me, nor care, but I thought I'd send this your way all the same. I'm going prospecting! That's right, I'm going digging.

    But what I'm going to be digging for is deep, deep under ground and it's going to protect what's above ground; you seem like a nice girl with your heart generally in the right place, so maybe you'd like to cause a little harmless mischief: Hardcastle's lackies tore up the glade, raped it for every scrap of mythallite they could get their bloody little hands on, so you can imagine I'm not terribly pleased. Oh, yes, and they beat me senseless despite being unarmed!

    Most uncouth!

    So, in only the most fair sense of play (that doesn't involve someone getting bloodied) I have a wild and fun idea! Here's a hint: it involved a lot of magic mushrooms, several gas bags and the Hardcastle estate. Would you mind gathering up some of these mushrooms and moss? You could claim it's for the medicinal properties. I'm sure that sounds believable, right?

    Let's not pretend this isn't going to happen one way or the other, I'd rather it be bloodless and fun than as vile and heartless as that man's disposition and company.

    Just let me know if I've pegged you right or I'm barking up the proverbial tree. Get it? Bark? Tree?

    I slay me.


  • The Scamp a child of Yondalla… you ever though of pranking with friends?

    Lets talk.


  • Good girl.