Valor - Spire and Ryvik - Forest Maze

  • Valor/Ryvik,

    The elves are surprisingly quiet, as is the forest- from what I can see anyway, I've been camped out near a waterfall nursing my wounds, but hey I have an idea. How do you feel about fortifying the place against further incursions? The woods need guardians, and that worthless seed rag gives me the distinct impression he's not going to stop until what's under it is all gone. I'm not usually one for organizing military actions and stupid nonsense like that, but I'm trying to find my own little niche here and I quite like the place. So here's what I've got in mind; I spoke to the arch druid Deidre about ways to restore and fortify the Pool in the forest. It involves finding and collecting water from an untouched spring in the Underdark, but I don't care, it's a start. A calm safe place to go when the idiots with the shovels show up again isn't a bad thing, is it?

    There are a lot of us who are going to be running around doing our own thing for the benefit of the forest, but I'd urge you we start with something we can share as a common point of interest, a 'home base' as it were. Then we can plan out other ways to build on that foundation.

    That said, starting a campaign of 'hide the magic rock' sounds like a good way to exhaust these clowns, we might even be able to get them to help us find the hidden spring if we played our cards right. After what I've seen, I'm inclined to forgo any sense of fair play and being nice to get along. I love a spot of mischief in place of out and out violence, but. . . .well, when it comes to it, I am who and what I am.

    Your thoughts would be welcome.


  • Yalan,

    The magic rock is cold to me. However, if it is a magic catalyst, perhaps someone better versed in spellcraft can use it to fuel a ritual to hide it. Perhaps there is someone who calls upon the land and the Weave both? I know there is one elf lady who heeds Mystra as her master.

    For the Underdark, I can map that out piece by piece. Anywhere I walk, I can feel the presence of the natural world inside me, fresh, strong, and alive, in the city or in the deepest of caverns.

    If we want to try removing workers from the area of the rock…I imagine it is very hard to work without tools and gear. Being naked in a strange, magical forest will spook most people. A mass charm spell, perhaps?


  • I like the way you think, Valor.

    I had a back and forth with the dwarven retainer, this is what I got back: viewtopic.php?t=179094

    Also worth noting, Soppi might be interested in a little mischief to help them on their way. We have options, we just need a plan of action.


  • [a written note penned in Wildwalker sigils leaves the Maze torn into twenty equal parts and taken to the city large flock of pigeons; they linger around the entrance of the Spire and take flight at the first sign anyone approaching them, anyone except a young half-elven woman…]


    It pleases me to know that you still linger, alive and well. Let us once more take a walk around the weald together.

    [the note carries no signature]

  • The thing with mythallite is that everywhere it seems to lay, the land has acclimated to and become reliant on it. Even in the Helmlands, where there is a known cache of it. It is best to think of the stuff as a nonrenewable resource that the land uses to power its stranger desires. It supports the magic of the lands, though I know not how.

    At least, I think. That's what it sounds like. I don't know the secrets of it. Those who've walked these lands for more years than I have would be the best to consult with. What of the Hullack Circles? I doubt they're all dead - there's always two or three circles that avoid confrontation.


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