Recruiting Lawful Goodies!

  • Looking for members of the Triad or something close to it. Divine Champions, clerics, fighters, wizards, -not druids-.

    Let's good some stuff up the old fashioned way. without all that pesky heresy.




    LG NG LN Get thee hence unlawful or ungoodly folk.

    Just for kicks, we'll try to consecrate the cememtary in Eastway village and die big dam Heros.

  • The Lathander order are about as lawful-focused LG as we've seen in a very very long time.
    While not one of the triad, they might as well be a very stern Tyr/Torm mix.

    Consider joining up with them?

  • NEVER!!!!

  • Admin [DM]

    Brethren, rightfully (Or wrongfully!), are opposed by clergy of other good faiths for obvious reasons.

  • Yus ^

  • Still recruiting. It's a quiet universe. Gods going silent, death an uncertainty, and the time of evil and neutral gods controlling death is at an end~!