• These posters seem directed more at commoners and workers than adventurers, being hung near bars and along trafficked streets.

    **_By Divine Providence of the God of All Good, Lathander, Sun Be Upon Him Eternal:

    It has been made known to his OFFICIAL CLERGY that no righteous faith needs fear the fugue.

    Lathander, sun be upon him, is known to be the ultimate and absolute divine god of good from whence all good flows. The Seldarine, being a pantheon that draws it's strength from good, and therefore Lathander, sun be upon him, gives it's fealty to the Lord of the Eternal Sun.

    His servants, executors of his will, therefore guide souls in service to his great empire of good to their rightful rewards in the afterlife.
    Not just elven souls.

    Give your praise unto the Morning Emperor and his servants, be redeemed that you shall know eternal peace._**

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