[The Second Prospecting Expedition]

  • @Proclomation:


    A second expedition to discover the truth of those claims regarding the presence of Mythalite in or near the former TEMPLE OF MALAR, shall be held in one day's time! Adventurers & Mercenaries are suggested to seek out Retainer Runemagner regarding potential employment. Let it be known, the purpose of this expedition is to prospect the land upon which the Temple of Malar resides in relation to the charge of LAND FRAUD against Huntsmaster varden.

    Retainer Runemagner
    Upon the reading of the official declaration of the Warden of the North, Supreme Commander of the Military Forces of the North Marches, Lord of the North Marches, Lord Malcolm of the House of Hardcastle

    (( TIME : http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/f ... 19&p1=4476 ))

  • [These are taken down, after the rumored successful march upon the glade.]

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