Letter - Yalanilue

    • a crow drop this letter at the Spire *

    _> Yalanilue,

    I am a crafter of Wood and walk the Hullack.

    Maybe I shall find your Tournament.

    Let Nobanions teachings aid these hunters on their next Hunt for materials.


    //Depend on time and date of course 🙂

  • [A finely penned letter is left at the maze garden]


    It's funny, I was going to write a letter to you regarding the Hullack and resurgence of the gods of nature within it. Strange timing, isn't it?

    Perhaps we can come at this from two angles, if you were willing to lead those willing to hunt for such materials when you've the time. I can do like wise, of course, though I'm still getting my footing in the region.

    I'd also like to help with this guardianship you have in mind. I am a faithful of Eldath and general roamer myself, but I've walked the Hullack a few times so far and I can see why it was the ancestral home of one of my own ancestors. I'd like to see what can be done and I have some ideas in the loosest sense of the word about restoring it to greatness.

    And re-establishing the Green Goddess as an influence in these lands wouldn't hurt.

    Yalanilue Aermane
    General mischief maker