Petition to have the Elven shrine removed from Arabel's Spir

  • The elf known as 'Lawkeeper' and his henchmen did willing deceive the good folk of Arabel, abusing trust and even assaulting it citizens in there selfish agenda and they did in there greed for power deliberately and purposefully ensure only elven dead could reach there gods, using lies and half truths to deceive others, as well as burning up artifacts to make it far more difficult for others to copy them.

    The one known as High Priestess Rethil did support Lawkeeper in these goals and advise him in achieving them, extending the great strife of the dead not reaching the heaven, and unjustice of unfair death, abusing her position as shrinekeeper and the trust of the good folk of Arabel.

    In reply for this great injustices, we the people of Arabel ask that Lord Hardcastle removes the elven people right to a shrine within our walls and orders them to remove it from its position in the Spire within reasonable notice.

    Please sign below in support of these words:

  • Soppi Oakellow - Priestess of Lady Sheela

  • Signed in large bold letters
    Belinus of the Goldanvil Clan
    With a small note beneath
    The elves are honor-less cowards. They live in a human city, yet spit on them, and all residence of Toril!
    It only be proper to throw them out! Dwarves would never dishonor themselves in such a way, nor would we let the dead of our friends suffer.

  • Admin [DM]


  • Frum Atopple

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Huntlord Strider.

    Though this petition does not go far enough. Elves have betrayed every other race for themselves. They should be unwelcome in The Citadel and be forced to live in a separate district without the protection of the law.

  • Abbas yn Hassan il Ibrandul yi Calimport

    Agreed! Words mean little without actions!
    Send them back to their forests! Old Town doesn't want them either!
    Can we kick Roark out too for withholding the gloves greedily?

  • Thifur Thunderhammer

    In the forests of the Hullack, I did come to the Law Keeper's rescue, preventing his death at the hands of the black blooded. I gifted him with a blade made with my own hands.

    This is how he repaid his allies. This is how the Shrine of the Seldarine, repays their debts.

  • Angels of Glory

    Lagnar, son of Lignar.