The Tournament of Fur and Bone

  • Who Doesn't Enjoy a Good Tournament?

    Are you able to work wood or bone into weapons?

    Are you willing to put those weapons to the ultimate test?

    Do you like gold and the winning there-of?

    From this date to the following tenday (EG: From date of this post to April first) you are encouraged to build the best weapon you are possibly capable of making out of natural materials– only bone and wood weapons will be allowed. The weapons must have been crafted by your hand, and you will be expected to relate the story of its creation the night of the tournament!

    The night of the tournament will take place in the Hullack with 1500 coin as a starter pot due to grow as the week goes on.

    No one will be denied unless you're being disruptive, so long as you can mind your manners, feel free to join us!

    Questions, concerns and the like can be directed to Yalanilue at the Spire.

    Proudly sponsored by the 'Committee to Keep Myron O'Connor From Being an Assapanick' serving the adventuring community's interests since 1395. Don't let your next adventure get overshadowed by a greedy employer, demand fair payment!