Elven Treachery: The Law Keeper denied you your Gods!!

  • These posters are placed throughout Arabel. They are unsigned, written in a quick, and aggressive hand.

    Know that the ritual that turned the Law Keeper into a psychpomp and opened the gate to Arvandor for the elven dead was an action of great treachery! Not only did he rush the ritual, he denied others a place in heaven! This ritual could have been attempted by any race, Human, hin, Gnome or dwarf. We all could have had our psychopomps to take our people to heaven! Instead, Arvandor will raise in power, for that was the elflord's intent the whole time! He is gone, and cannot be tried for his treachery, but the Shrine of the Seldarine, the place that complict in this action, can be beared witness to.

    We of the hin and dwarvish faiths bear torches outside the Shrine of the Seldarine, that all may see them in the light of their betrayal! That the people of arabel might know that those who worship the seldarine, see our gods as lesser, or inferior. That they chose heaven despite the fact that all could have had it.

  • This statement has the full backing of myself, Priestess Soppi Oakellow of Lady Sheela. I ask all halflings show the elven backstabbers our discontent that they denies us our afterlife.