Missive: Militia [PCs]

  • The Forces of the Crown of Cormyr are prepared to surrender the powers of Martial Law. This will return all powers of Peace Officials in Arabel to the City Militia of Arabel. Before that, we would like to codify several unwritten rules, as well as establish a structure by which the Arabel Militia Charter can be normalized with other existing Militia Charters. In addition, there are certain conditions we would like to implement. These are written below in no particular order.

    These are, of course, open for discussion and negotiation.

    Crown Forces

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Marital Law was declared by the Warden of the North and must be revoked by the Warden, or by an appropriate Crown agent with the acceptable authority, so the removal of Martial law is not a negotation with terms, as though the City of Arabel were suffering an invading army.

    Removal of Martial Law by the Warden of the North would revert the status of forces in Arabel to the state of forces detailed in the Arabel City Charter. Martial law will only be removed when the appropriate authorities deem it necessary to remove, as is their noble and correct right to do.

    Forward your request to the appropriate authorities with proper procedure and humility, because the way that this is written is a flat insult towards, and even a violation of this charter, undermining the legal authority of the City Council and the City Militia as you have very recently personally sworn to me not to undermine.
    Private Jiang