Letter: Valyanna Eagleguard

  • Lady Eagleguard,

    I believe we've spoken briefly, but if we haven't, let me introduce myself. I'm Battlemage Delaqua. Four people gave themselves to see the fallen one Mahaganai delivered to his fate in oblivion. Your brother's body was destroyed in the struggle, and his spirit may now rest easy knowing that no longer will somebody walk around in a mockery of his form.

    If you wish to speak more on it, we can surely meet.

    Battlemage Delaqua

  • Battlemage,
    My thanks. I can only imagine what it was like for him. Bad enough for me when it would approach and speak to me.
    but for him to be inside it, watching, as i was told he may be… I can't imagine.
    I would like to speak, and will try and find you.
    Valyanna Eagleguard.