Elven Treachery

  • I do not enjoy writing this notice, but I will not look the other way.

    Today I lead a expedition into the Helmlands as part of Helmland Healing Project. to my cause came several elfs who I shall not name specifically out of politeness to Lawkeeper, there leader. And also did come was the fey sorceress, touched in mind and body, but friend and ally to me and my causes both. As Mother Yondalla teaches, take care of your neighbor and allies.

    The trip started out fairly normal and expected, my journal filling with notes and theory. But as my feytouched friend tested the weave for wild spikes, did one of my elven 'allies' put his blades in her back and take from her a precious artifact on his leaders orders.

    I consider this a break of trust, furthermore as direct result of these action, the feytoucheed life and sanity are now in balance, and she may not see the next moon, and if she dies I will consider those of Lawkeepers band to be her murderers.

    In this light I fully withdraw all divine, financial and martial support from Lawkeeper and his band. If the feytouched dies, this will be permanent. If they atone and save the poor girl, I will forgive.

    I will let others make there own judgements in dealing with them, but I know Mother Yondalla's teaches us haflings to stand by our allies and help those who fall down to get back on there feet. The feytouched girl has fallen down and my trust in the elfs has been abused.

    Priestess Soppi Oakellow of Lady Sheela