Apprentice Pike

  • Apprentice Pike,

    Your expertise and higher intellect are needed once more. A method of pacifing and preventing any further undead from rising in the area around Clar Banda's tomb is needed. I suspect materials of a holy nature shall be needed. Thus, I shall begin to seek them out. DO you kno of any specifics that might be required? Celestial Silver? Angel's Feathers? The Halo of an Archon? I don't honestly know.

    I hope that our success in realm of Elturel inspires us to yet another victory.

    -Tsar Hicks

  • [A reply letter arrive via the same courier, delivered to Tsar by hand.]

    Armiger Hicks,

    Ignatius Balthazar Pike
    Apprentice to Archmage Kanthea Ferelven
    Creator of the Null Staff

  • Perhaps an inspection of the area tonight, Apprentice. I'll try to locate natural barriers that could be made stronger with wards. A powerful Consecration spell may work. If the tie to the tomb can be blocked, the dead shall rest. Afterward, the tomb itself would need consecrated.