Guardianship of the Hullack

  • [Posted for all to see, near the Temple of Fury, Entrance to the Hullack, and a few of the Druid Circles.]
    **_There are so many voices calling upon the Spirits. Asking them favors, mortals abusing their powers, pushing them and marching them off to battle. It is time this is put to a stop. One voice to rise above all others. It is the Oathtakers to keep these lands, to guard them, it is for the spirits to dwell within them, and bring them alight with power. Only called upon when the need is most dire. I will be the one who will speak to them. My voice will be the one they hear, the one they listen to, the one they rely on. I have the strength, the wisdom, the determination, and the ability to become the Guardian of the Hullack. It is time.

    ~Oathtaker Alysia~_**

  • _It is time the Hullack had a guardian who would truly serve the interests of the light against the great evil to come.

    Alysia will be Guardian. Anyone who usurps her mantle will be deposed faster than they can assume it. I deposed one Guardian. I can do it again. The Mysteries held by the Eldarin are unparalleled by any any Netelquess agency. Cross her at your peril._

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