[Letter to Lord Lhal's Esate] ((PC or DM))

  • To Lord Lhal or her representative,

    Some time ago, the good Lord mentioned she would ask assistance from me for something. Nothing was made clear back then and I was wondering if I can still be of assistance to the Lord. I do not know if I will be a knight much longer with the Brethren, things are not as I had hoped or made to believe they were. I am starting to think I am cursed to belong nowhere.

    If what the Lord needed help with was Darkhold, then I am happy to let you know I've worked along side many to see it liberated. Triel will trade with Arabel, Hills Edge and Corm Orp are liberated and Darkhold is now in the hands of the Tormtars. If it was about something else, then I have no clue, I'm afraid.

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. I just want to help make the region a better place.

    • Oleander Evenwood

  • Find me!


  • Em,

    Its a date. If I can ever find you around that is! Girl, you are too busy.
    A friend to talk to will be appreciated.

    • Oleander