To: Mirabelle Tanner

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I have been promoted to Private and Abbas has joined the Legion to show his sincerity for Old Town but please keep that a secret so that he can still go about his business and no body knows he gave himself up. The Lord Hawklin after some thought and discussion chose to give him clemency because of my belief and he is now under my personal authority and I will be helping him with an investigation which will look into the blood stone trade which is harming the Old Town along with several other things.

    I have a few leads but, my biggest lead is a former associate I am told of Binir who is,_ Vhoor_.

    One of the books that I have read Suggests that this Vhoor is a vampire but it is difficult to tell the difference between fiction and not fiction in books around here. Because I executed Binir myself I also have his key ring and a small charm which, I am told, has some thing to do with the trade.

    I am investigating this but, the Privates that used to be here and helpful are gone now or not very around and so, I need help. As you are my great friend, I would like to enlist you to help, if you will allow me to do so.

    Your friend,

    • Jiang_

  • He,

    You're my best pal, in this life and the next.

    You'll have my help.


    P.S: Abbas? Assigned to you personally as your Legionnaire Assistant?


  • He,

    There's something we need to talk about in person.

    It's a bit important. And I'm going to be inviting a few friends.

    Listen for a sending.