Letter to Hardcastle, Hawklin, Commander Rowan (DM)

  • I hope this letter finds you well and I apologize in advance that it is filled with nothing but bad news. I apologize in advance for its lengthy content

    I have had multiple run-ins with the fallen Archangel Mahaganai and the Archfey who goes by the name of Lord Sir Baron Gromph'it'teria while adventuring and pursuing my research around Cormyr. Since then I've made it a priority to research these entities and their motives, at first out of curiosity for my research but shortly after out of concern for the safety of the city and all that dwell within it.

    I do have long winded research files on my findings I will make available should it be requested but for the sake of brevity (and yes, this is actually the brief version) I will focus on the important points.

    -Gromph'it'teria is an Archfey who made his home in the Hullack in an attempt to wait out a war waging in the fey'wild. He desires to remodel the cormyr to his grand aesthetic (starting with the hullack) by means of a parasite which transforms and twists the body into fey/like monstrocities, the transformation powers itself by consuming the soul of the victim.

    -Mahaganai is a fallen Archangel formerly in the service of Chauntea, he had been sealed in a gem long ago by three Netherese Archmages and was released from his prison by Abbas, Malcom, Lord Eagleguard and Raaz. Abbas murdered Lord Eagleguard in order to allow Mahaganai to possess his body as a vessel and in exchange for his freedom. Mahaganai has been fighting the reapers of Jergal. His grand goal is to ascend to godhood and take the throne of Kelemvor, once becoming the new god of death he wishes to abolish the very concept of death itself from the material plane.

    Three relics have been recovered from the archmages who sealed Mahaganai, I've recovered the gauntlets of Aroum Iozoaz who kept Mahaganai at bay long enough for him to be sealed away, the church of the furies hold the scythe of Haraz within which Holds the essence of Archmage Haraz Til'zhara whom fashioned the gem Mahaganai was sealed. A follower of Gromph'it'teria who's soul has already been consumed by his parasite holds the staff of Illia Lozon whom weaved the spell that placed Mahaganai in Haraz's gem.

    I was recently approached by the outlaw Abbas who revealed to me that Huntlord Malcom had asked him to assault me and steal the gauntlets of Aroum that were given to me by Aroum himself along with the knowledge on how to properly use them. Abbas told me he would rather I help the furies with their plan to defeat Mahaganai and willingly give them the gauntlets, rather than simply steal the gauntlets. When I inquired what his plan was he explained that they were planning on giving the three archmages relics over to the Archfey Gromph'it'teria at his request, in exchange he would fight Mahaganai for them.

    This was alarming news as my recent findings on Gromph suggested that the Archfey has been seeking out Mythalite within the Hullack and has been attacking Lord Hardcastle's mines, I suspect his reason for desiring the material is because the missing piece to perfect his incomplete parasite he so affectionately calls "sublime Aesthetic" is a large quantity of energy, with such energy I believe he will be able to rapidly spread his parasite within cormyr at a frightening pace. The relevance here is that I believe Gromph plans on using Mahaganai's incredibly potent soul as a fuel source for his parasite, either to create an incredibly powerful follower or as a substitute for mythalite in empowering his parasites growth.

    I explained my worries to Abbas and told him I could not in good conscience give him the gauntlets for this plan but would happily help him device a new plan that would not put Cormyr at risk, he explained and I quote "I don't care if this screws over Cormyr they should have thought of that before they gave us a deadline for dealing with Mahaganai" I told him that my research on Mahaganai suggests he is seeking out the ancient Netherese god Moander's place of demise in the hope of salvaging what might remain of the gods divine spark as his ticket to godhood. I suggested that perhaps if we beat Mahaganai to said resting place we might be able to use moander's spark to slay Mahaganai. He rejected the idea and insisted that we help Gromph'it'teria. I told him I would not participate in a plan that would potentially doom all of Cormyr when there were a multitude of better plans available and he threatened to kill me if I did not comply, I left Shylocks via teleportation and have not seen Abbas since then.

    My knight Jandar has run across Abbas since then and spoken with him, he came back telling me Abbas told him that he was in league with Battlemage Delaqua and that she was going to attempt to confiscate my gauntlets for him. It seems either the battlemage is onboard with the idea of working with a band of criminals to empower a deadly threat to Cormyr, or she's simply being played for a fool by Abbas and believes she is doing good.

    Additionally I spoke with Hrodyss whom was wanted for 2500 gold and acompanied her to Arabel as she decided to turn herself in to Boldshield chambers and Battlemage Delaqua for a 10 ore pit time, I overheard Delaqua declare that she would attempt to have Abbas's crimes absolved on the grounds that he had given her 10 ore. It seems to me Abbas's claims were not simply lies.

    Lastly, Abbas has been working with and supporting a woman by the name of Emilia Birdsong whom during the grand speech given by the church of the furies in old town at the arena, birdsong openly declared she had every intention of working towards killing Lord Hardcastle, this speech has been overheard by several militiamen present at the time including Tanners. It concerns me that Battlemage Delaqua is fraternizing with such a person.

    I hope this information will be of great aid to you all and will find itself available to any who would put it to use in solving this threat Arabel is facing. I would like to throw in one last note that if a "proper" plan to handle the threat that Gromph'it'teria poses to the city as well as Mahaganai I've no qualm in offering my skills and expertise in helping putting it into motion. For the time being I will be researching the gauntlets of Aroum and unlocking their power in the hopes they will come in handy in the trials to come.

    -Magus Akil Roark

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