Parchments bound together with string {Syclya Ferelle}

  • Day 001

    I have arrived in the city known as Arabel. It is…grating, this town. It seems to be open to all races though, so perhaps I will find some people who fit my fancy before I move on.

    Always move on. There is less heartache that way. The Netelquess have short lives, even the naugrim. But for now, my dreams bring me here.

    On the evening that quickens
    The year's shortest night
    This land will be suffering
    The Fugue Plane's blight
    For spirit and mortal,
    True sighted and blind,
    There comes a battle
    Of ultimate kind.

    At the circle of shadows
    A gate has appeared
    And worlds out of balance
    Are driven with fear
    When dawn's light caresses
    The darkness enclosed
    The heroes shall stand
    Their dreams been opposed

    If times long forgotten
    Are revealed once more
    And the most ancient of enemies
    Stand together once more
    Then all through the heavens
    A voice will sound out
    With the Balance restored
    And the Weave whole about

    Yet missives, more likely,
    Are fatally cursed-
    All hope torn asunder
    For chaos is versed
    Then over the heavens
    True horror shall fall
    The shortest of evenings
    Now dusk's last recall

    Beware, you that join
    To prevent this cause
    Your sacrifices great
    May break the laws
    For times may occur
    So laden with cost
    When all truly gained
    Is yet truly lost

    ! // Based off the Prophecy of Merlin written by T.A.Barron.

    No wonder this city is so painful to me. They have necromancers in the sewers. One blasted me with a dark ray and then took my blood.

  • Day 002

    I think I have finally pegged what is wrong with this city. I do not feel safe here. Common bandits and rogues in the back alleys of cities, I can deal with.

    Necromancers in the sewers?
    Edan and fellow quess accepting soul-breaking fey power?
    Men who walk around freely more shadow than flesh?
    Furies actually having power? Apparently, an entire forest's worth?

    It is not safe here. I have seen posters belonging to one of the Alean, but they are not so effective alone. Their job is to guide our kind, and without a group to back them, I suppose they are weaker for it.

    This is the kind of place my instincts scream to avoid, to flee. Why do my dreams take me here?

    ! A stone cast with faerie fire
    His apprentices laid Shraevyn in a casket
    The wizardess and the warrior stood watch
    paid homage to the weaponsmith.
    waiting to shatter the bonds of tyrants.

    Justice in this city is meted out by throwing tomatoes at the accused party. It is an interesting system.

    A hin priestess, Soppi, was talking about a number of many strange things. I do not understand them all.

    Ryvikk is nice. I should find a quiet time for the two of us to get familiar. It sounds like his last love interest was slain recently though. Maybe he needs time to heal.

    The dwarves against the dragons and One-eye. The hin and gnomes against the kobolds.

    I can't calm down and focus now…why did he have to do that? I'm not even sure if what I have is true. I'm not trained in protecting my mind. I gave him a copy. He throws me off my stride.

    I think, if I had the coin, I would go get drunk. Shadowmage Pike, Mahaganai, Lord Eagleguard.

    He said he would share his own knowledge with me before the Defiance, but I plan on standing with him. Perhaps I can defend him in other means...

  • Day 003

    It seems my sanctuary during reverie has ended now that I have passed on my missive. My sins are resurfacing just as vividly as I first experienced them. The terror, the horror, the disgust, the fear, the self-loathing…Maybe I can pay back for the sins of my youth by standing with the other teutelquessir of this city...

    Taern'amandil ? high priest
    templa pilini' ? magic missile
    tinechor ? shield
    lanta kaima ? sleep
    naar cam ? burning hands
    amin quella ? invisibility

    A trip with the Battlemage, a bard, a deputy, and Soppi to Scornubel. Orcs, Zhents.

    Then I gave some supplies to the Alean. Thifur spoke to Soppi of an alliance.

    He told me to prepare. I hope I prepare right.

    Tried to help the wildwalker with the gate, but we failed…

  • Day 004

    The fight with Efenan rings clear through my dreams. But so do the more recent events. A balance, I suppose…

    Lord Eagleguard was lord to the shadowmage for years, the two of them friends. He was a PD in the past and a lieutenant in Arabel's Militia until he died.

    He firmly believed that the Reapers of Jergal must be stopped and by the will of the Axe of Tempus (high priest of Tempus, patron of the Arabel Militia; he had previously sent a crew to obtain the Abjurer's Gem, which was rumored to be able to sever divinity asunder), he journied to perform a rite to open the Abjurer's Gem, where Mahagani was imprisoned.

    Previous experiments had revealed that the Abjurer's Gem feeds on blood. The shadowmage begged Lord Eagleguard to not tamper further with the gem, but the Lord performed a rite of bloodshedding to feed the gem, bleeding until he gave his lifeblood to the Gem (rumor: what eventually killed him was a loose arrow, not blood loss). After that, Mahaganai took the Lord's body as its host.

    Mahaganai is a Fallen Angel of Jannath (old aspect of Chauntea, still worshipped in Moonshae). It is said that Mahaganai's family was killed by Jergal, and seeks vengeance upon him. Not only to kill him, but to replace him as the god of death and stop all death. For now, he likely seeks a stronger body. He also gathers worshippers.

    Mahagani is supposedly on par with the Sibilant Shade, and stronger than the shadowmage's Mistress. It does have a weakness, but that weakness is currently unknown. Supposedly, it is linked to the items that belonged to Netherese Archmages who served Jannath. Three of them that must be used as one. The staff is in the hands of the maddened Shia. The gauntlets, in the hands of Magus Roark. And the scythe, in the hands of the Janni Stormlord.

    Hopefully, that will be able to cement an alliance between Thifur and Heru en amin…

    Sir Kynston Tammarast offering 10,000 lyons and personal reward for Dreamless curse to be broken. He has been afflicted, and is completely covered in shadow. We are hurrying to break the curses on Ollie and the wildwalker regardless.

    He does need time to heal…I will watch over his reverie when he asks.

    The Coronal of Arvandor has called us to war against the Furies. Taern'amandil Rethil has demanded that the king of Cormyr exile the Furies and destroy them if they are to keep their alliance with the elves.

    I don't want to go in the Underdark that long again…

    We were able to obtain the last two toys, so Ollie and the wildwalker can be healed of their affliction. They may rest soon, and end their madness.

    Heru en amin seems busy…though his gift helped.

  • Day 005

    Ryvikk is in pain…he mourns the loss of his lover, and now his lizard companion. I wish I could do more to comfort him, but I am not as wise as my mother was...I think he needs an amandil to talk to him, but they are all busy with the war preparations.

    I brought back what I thought was reasonable...I hope the quess who died finds his peace...

    I need to get stronger. Faster. Smarter. Probably the last the most. I will never be as good of a shot as those who completed their training. But if I can control the lands and make their shots easier, I can be useful.

    Did some work for Lhal and Aldek. I wonder if he knows about her. Probably. I can't tell if Em was merely bluffing it off or not, whether or not she knew.

    I failed…I was not able to protect them for the whole of the Dreaming...

    He wishes that I write a short story or poem about him. Full of his sexual frustration and how utterly inadequate he is in bed compared to a fae prince…To make sure it utterly and crassly extols their superiority over elves.

    ! > Immeril, the young boy had but a little toy
    He'd whip it out and all about and found that it wasn't coy
    For you see the size was a bit too small inside the open hall
    The mockery he was bound to find could even wake a thrall

    And then with passing came one day when the boy ran into a pretty fae
    Clothed he was, but promised high, that she would have fun with him if she lay
    But the sun soon set and with the fresher night, he tried a display of all his might
    Sadly his little toy was not able to grant her a strong delight

    A satyr came upon the two and offered a better prize to view
    And acquiescing to her request, he set to show the boy his due
    Thicker than an oak root alone and sturdier than an ancient stone
    Little Immeril realized that he would never have such a bone
    ! > Small friend 'tween Immeril's legs
    At whorehouses he must beg
    For it is tiny
    A pale weak hiney
    And his nads are just nutmegs
    ! > Immeril's a stink
    Promising years of pink
    And instead shorts time sink
    ! > Immeril's a joke
    An inexperienced bloke
    On him you can't choke
    ! > For the wood in the forest
    Every man's dream
    Yet there are only dryads

    Leave them to be
    If you want a good time
    Forget the city's boredom
    Even the weak elf lord's wood

    Mira tried to arrest Raaz. He went apeshit on them in Old Town. I was able to bring back Heru en amin's body…but Taern'amandil Rethil will need to protect it until I get the coin to raise him, or until I can convince Thifur to do it.

  • Day 006

    Reverie grants me little solace from reality. I revisited my memories of the attack. My sister practicing her spell arts, and I was doing embroidery. Mother came by in her robes, gently took us both out to the woods, to lead us to the glade. Ambushed on the way there, watched her fall with three tel'gothrim-fletched arrows in her back. Then we were knocked back by a soundburst…

    Slowly working coin so I can call Heru en anim back. I put the blue-haired istar on some tasks, but she seems to be the type to lack the attention span to accomplish anything.

    He is back but…severely weakened. He will need time to regain his strength and...

  • Day 007

    Spoke a bit with Soppi and the wildwalker Paw this morning, but the hour was too early to do something. I was up because I was shocked out of reverie…my sister...

    Furies. Mythallite. Helmlands. Auglarosa. Shadow. Centuries. Hardcastle.

    The Whitedawns were in attendance. If there is something we need to know, they will tell us.

    Strider beaten in Eveningstar…but I didn't take the kill. I froze. I should have. For reasons beyond what they see immediately.

    I...fear to walk that path again. I don't want to lose...

    We fought through everyone's nightmares…the Dreameater was a hard fight. I had to use my cantrips to hit it at all.

    More work for the Elturel-Tormite paladin group. An artelquess scout. Hobgoblins, easily handled.

  • Day 008

    Ryvikk is still hurting. He has closed down his heart after having been wounded twice. He thinks he cannot find joy after such sorrow. He can, and he upsets those he lost by denying his happiness, but he does not seem to understand that.

    All that gold gone already, and I still don't have all the supplies I need for basic combat. I still need a wand of grace and of invisibility. And potions of rogue's cunning…with that, I should be able to slip my hands into anyone's pockets.

    On the evening that quickens the year's shortest night, this land will be suffering the Fugue Plane's blight. For spirit and mortal, true sighted and blind, there comes a battle of ultimate kind.

    Incoming battle. Undead? Kezef? Seems to be set for the summer equinox.

    The Fugue plane is filling…the spirits have to go it possible for them to overflow into the Prime?

    Or Kezef could try entering the material plane once he feasts on enough souls in the Fugue. Then he takes on the hatred of the Godswars here and feasts on the mortals. Kills all the faithful, which robs the gods of their worshipers...which kills the gods...And Dendar won't be far behind, from what I've heard?

    At the circle of shadows, a gate has appeared and worlds out of balance are driven with fear. When dawn's light caresses the darkness enclosed, the heroes shall stand, their dreams been opposed.

    A circle of shadows…seems to be this Tilverscar. What other areas of darkness are there? Loross?

    If times long forgotten are revealed once more, and the most ancient of enemies stand together once more, then all through the heavens a voice will sound out, with the Balance restored and the Weave whole about.

    If times long forgotten could be either archaic research (Chouthal?) or scrying the past… The most ancient of enemies, are they opposed when they stand together, or allied?

    Yet missives, more likely, are fatally cursed - all hope torn asunder, for chaos is versed. Then over the heavens true horror shall fall - the shortest of evenings: Dusk's last recall.

    It seems that if they fail…things get bad. Endless night? Endless day?

    Beware, you that join to prevent this cause. Your sacrifices great may breaketh the laws. For times may occur so laden with cost, when all truly gained is yet truly lost.

    What people give up will cost them…and even then, the world may not truly heal...

    I think...this may be a case of souls overflow. Maybe I should find one of the other death god worshipers to ask if that's even possible. What if the Fugue and the Prime were to merge? Could that perhaps be what the local goddess may attempt? If people don't go to their respective gods' demesnes, and linger on the Prime instead, it is easier to stay in contact with them...but they won't find happiness if they continue to be weighted down by their mortal needs. Same, perhaps, goes for Mahaganai...

    That or the Chaos Hound. Which is...a lot worse. That would be the end of the world if those heroes can't stop him and deny his access to the Prime. Transferring between planes might weaken him...but he's definitely more powerful than mortals...I should head to the library to find out more.

    He had me follow him to a meeting with the High Stormlord. He will not speak of it, so neither shall I. I think he is a fool for saying he does not care about what comes after his life. The reasons humans are such chaotic creatures is because they have to constantly build for the next generation. Yes, they falter, fall, slip, but it is a scramble to advance themselves, to be remembered beyond death. I think us being "content" because we can wait out our enemies is abusive.

  • Day 009

    Seems I should investigate the ruins below the city for information on these two and why they're important. They said that the guy who keeps making those sendings about the ruins is the same as the guy who took my blood my first day here…I'll need to make sure I either arm myself first, or prepare to face him at some point.

    Soppi wants to play a prank on the lycans. I told her I'd lend my hand.

    I tried to hunt down the necromancer, but without tracking skills…

    Come to me, my promised ones, the lights are in the sky.
    The cooling days bring news of rest and so we must stand by.
    Lay down your bows, lay down your blades, and soon the snows shall pass.
    Come to hearth and come to home and take from the cauldron brass.
    For you see we cannot lie forever, in the darkness alone.
    The binds we wear will drag us forth and sing the world our tone.
    Look for the nighttime skies are shining. Sing for their melodies are true.
    Pray that you will find it warming. Cry for the lonely and the few.

  • Day 010

    Olonrae was the enemy! He deserved his fate! I have no reason to feel guilty about this!

    Was it then that I lost the sanctity of life? Perhaps that was why I started…

    I hate reverie.

    We were able to find the hole, but it seems a snowstorm blew over before I could get Heru en anim to visit…we'll need to search for it once more.

    The paladin is an option. The Tormtar.

    He said we can find a pack to counteract, or go in our place…but the only thing I could think of that would draw their attention is perhaps what was mentioned in the Dreaming before I was thrown out of it.

    I think I'd still rather use my plan. I feel like I have more control over it.

  • Day 011

    The mage Beltarn is looking for the same thing I am. I told him my idea. Now we just need to see about implementing it.

    The half-orc took my bow, the one that was a gift from Ryvikk…what am I to tell him?

    He was slain. We didn't get the cloak in the end, but I got Heru en anim a few potions. At least I got my bow back.

    I have read his book. It is helping me pierce together the culture of tel'quessir.

    Mike. Orcs. Yutrus. Mythallite.

  • Day 012

    I annoyed another quess today with my rashness, but I apologized. He seems fine with me.

    I feel…light at heart. I don't think I fear myself right now. I feel free, unbound.

    They live.

    Hobgoblins in the forest. Lasta lalaithamin~ I was able to remove a lot of traps for the group, and I made several foes chase me doggedly. One of these days, I will be felled by a blade or bow, but who cares when I can dance them in knots?

    Scholar picked up a demonic blade and activated it. The battlemage dispelled the effects, but I should let Heru en anim know…just in case...

  • Day 013

    At least I got advice. My supplies aren't good, but I'll see.

    Supplies forwarded. Some work done. Some gear made.

    I think Ryvikk is healing. I took a chance, and I think it paid off.

    The Thane had the brass to lie to my face, so I left him and his. But I got some time with Marcus for it. Then they went and marched on the Thayan embassy, which was amusing.

    I told him about my village Tinechor,and Saelethil, Olonrai, Nuvian, Haalaari, and Efenan. And everything after.

    He gave me yet another gift. A rapier. He has already given me back my birthright. I don't think he sees that.

  • Day 014

    Spoke again with Ryvikk this morning. He seems to have gotten somewhat worse from yesterday…

    ! > Oh come now, young elf lord
    Couldn't you take a prank?
    These words you spread, and now we hoard
    How deep has your pride sank?

    Amusing still how little cloth you brought
    To meet the challenge words
    Are you trying to make up for phrases sought
    That flew upon bluebirds?

    It's clear you just can't take it slow
    Or is it you finish too fast?
    To strip to underwear with the flow
    You probably cannot last.

    Taern'amandil Rethil serves the Triune. Ha!

    I took a long walk with Marcus through the Stormhorns. I showed up a few of the land's secrets, and teased him. I told him if he found out what 'melamin' means, I would reward him. He also came to the fey grove with me to read the latest poem.


    We talked about his paladin training. I like him a lot. His dedication is understandable, though I fear that might become a rift at some point. Then again, so would my lifespan.

    Showing Demaera around town, what she needs to know to survive.

  • Day 015

    What a horrible, horrible place. I can't believe such a place exists. And he puts up with it?

    Marcus is hurting, after knowing what I will do. His order will not fight because the city slights them. But I must try to protect them. This hurts me too.

    We didn't end up pulling off the assassination. Both Marcus and Heru en anim are glad for it.

    Raaz'haadi is dead regardless, slain by the Axe of Tempus when he tried to take Lord Hawklin's life. The Malarites are in a poor spot right now.

  • Day 016

    I have to make sure we get him before he's killed…though he's going to want something powerful in exchange, likely. For now, making sure he doesn't die will suffice.

    I gave The Trickster his due. His workings are beyond what I could have otherwise hoped for.

    A battle against undead, didn't go well. Ended up swimming to shore with Damaera's body, and paying Thifur for the raise. The Hierophant of the Hullack was turned into an undead servant by Vorenthia…

    A mission for the Dragons and Order. My skills as an arcane scout came in use. Paid well too.

    Heruamin's oaths. I do not like them. Half of them are lies. He is nihilistic, or jaded, or whatever you wish to call it.

    Time spent with Marcus. Much progress made. He makes my blood sing sweet and warm. He told me his past - that he wished to fight in the Second Shadovar War as well as the Fall of the Primordial, but his mentor stopped him because his mental training was incomplete. I told him of my past. There is only love in his eyes, even after he knows. He wants me to defy what they tried to make me into...

  • Day 017

    Coronal of Arvandor, I know you cannot speak to me. I only ask that you listen, if you would, to your child as he takes upon the last burden of his life.

    I offer you this, and desire nothing in return. It is done because it must be done, and for no other reason. Not for gain, glory, or benefit.

    One more guardian of the flame of light that stands admist the sea of darkness, forever lashing at me.

    To know compassion. To have mercy. To forgive mortals for their mortality. To love all that is good in the world.

    To be strong. Not strong with the blade. Not strong with your power. But the strength of conviction. To know that the path of light brings no joy to those who walk it. To never waver from it.

    Strength to defy evil without looking ahead for the outcome. For evil must be defied because it is evil and for no other reason. To defy for gain is the path of darkness, and must not be strayed upon.

    To know that good and evil are not standing on opposite sides. That they reside within the hearts of every mortal. To know that however brightly I shine, shadow shall lurk outside its edge.

    To know that darkness will always be in the world. To know that nothing that I ever do will be enough. To know that even if driven away, it will always return, like a weed.

    To know that the eternal war between light and dark has existed since creation, and know that it will exist long after I am gone. To know that nothing I do will ever make a difference, and nothing I do will ever change this.

    To know that this must be done, because evil wins by ensuring none remain to oppose it. Therefore, it must be opposed. To know that the battle can never be won, but as long as good defies evil, it cannot be lost.

    To know that joy will forever be alien, to know that peace will forever be alien. To know that I will be hated for my conviction, to stand the path of light when the masses choose the path of convenience.

    To know that I will die, alone, unmourned and unloved, another corpse shielding the flame of hope with his body against the torrents of the sea of darkness, until another comes to take my place.

    To know that I do this, because it must be done. And for no other reason. Another casualty of the eternal war, as thousands before me, and thousands after me.

    Many portions of his oaths are lies.

    Life is worth protecting because it has meaning. Evil is to be opposed because it doesn't have the sanctity of life.

    That, in truth, the goal of every paladin is to become obsolete. To create a world where paladins aren't necessary.

    That one can find joy and peace while serving Good and God.

    Normally, I take his wisdom as superior to mine. But he is wrong here.

    If he thinks he's never going to find happiness, then he won't! It's the same as Ryvikk! I swear, all of the male telquessir near me are hung up on what's so grim and dark that they don't see that they can still hold the light, not just in their arms, but in their hearts and as a part of their hearts. Taern'amandil Rethil holds herself aloof, so it's up to me to be mother.

    Why does it feel like I already have children? Grown up, powerful children who are looking to their every fault instead of seeing themselves for the beautiful creatures that they are?

    I took Antonio and Bound out to the Maze to explore. I grabbed one bottled fey to release back in the Spire. We made it to the Shaundakulian outpost…never been there before.

    I was able to talk with Heruanim and clear up the misunderstanding…

  • Day 018

    I can't do anything right. I just make him upset. I can't serve tel'quessir absolutely.


    Originating from the Feywind, these Quessir of the broad tree of Tel'Quessir are a rare sight and few have ever seen one. Most elves are known to worship the Tel'Lythari, considering them above normal Quessir. Due to their shy nature and preference to remain within the pact, little is known or shared of their daily life. However, Tel'Lythari are well known for their strong dislike towards violence however they will defend themselves when cornered. Many aspects of the Tel'Lythari's way of life may be reflexted with the common forest wolves. They live in large pacts, with an alpha male as their leader however every member of the pact is considered important as they consider the weakest and the strongest of the pact to be equal as they are considered as one in the pact rather than individuals. The remarkable ability of the Tel'Lythari, is their ability to take the shape of a wolf when so wished. Many of the Tel'Lythari worship Selune, or Sehanin Moonbow as she is better known as for the Elves. Many consider the Tel'Lythari to be goodly lycanthropes, much like the protected pact of Selune.

    ~Librarian Erih

    With the heavens silvered and dim
    The endless sighs of a quiet hymn
    And the world encased in a dream
    At the end of it all a gleam
    In the threshold between day and night

    At the edge of the horizon
    The lands will come to life
    A flicker of gold across the sky
    Burning away the night
    Soaring true and bright
    Embracing the lands with gentle light

    Cresting the mountains
    A disk of hope will rise
    Breaking through the cold with radiance
    Swinging sweet cants
    A joyful morning dance
    Tempting one into a blissful trance

    With the ascending electrum mists unfolding
    And the beauty that had been withholding
    Reveals itself under the dawn
    As our dreamers look on
    And awaken from the night

    Look beyond the dark and endless seas
    For it welcomes untrained and expertise
    Let the nightmares fade away
    As the hour approaches full day
    And see the world in light

    At the edge of the horizon
    The lands will come to life
    A flicker of gold across the sky
    Burning away the night
    Soaring true and bright
    Embracing the lands with gentle light

    Cresting the mountains
    A disk of hope will rise
    Breaking through the cold with radiance
    Swinging sweet cants
    A joyful morning dance
    Tempting one into a blissful trance

    Finished clearing out Hill's Edge. I took some nasty falls in the fights…but I will recover.

    Heruamin and Abbas spoke regarding plans. I think they might work together, maybe.

    I shared the song with Marcus.

  • Day 019

    Ichor - Acid
    Amber - Electricity
    Iceberries - Cold
    Bodak Tooth - Negative
    Small Diamond - Positive
    Odd there is no sonic equivalent, probably due to Deafening Clang's existence. I suppose the same goes for divine and Bless Weapon. Magic is created when there is an overlap between a weapon's natural energy type and the type coming from Flame Weapon/Darkfire.

    We were able to save Taernamandil Rethil…but not take out the Furies in the Glade. Strider walks free, but he is insignificant. We head out soon for Darkhold...

    I died at some point in the Darkhold mission. I remember getting briefed for pulling a lever. But Marcus is much sweeter with me now. I was able to…

  • Day 020

    23 bottled fey. 20 bloodstones. That's what tel'gothrim had in those barrels. Plus goods from some caravan, and potions and gear and coin. I left the cloak and cloth at the feet of Shevaresh, to mark our victory. I think tel'gothrim will return…a few definitely managed to escape. I fought even though I knew I would likely die, even though I had to make several tactical retreats. I had to call back Zach and another tel'quess with scrolls tel'gothrim had. I hope they don't mind...

    "The strike upon the drow shall continue as planned. In order for the target to be eliminated, it must first be decided. If you wish input into the decision, have a list of your choices to Retainer Runemagner within the week."

    Deidre pulled me aside to apologize for the betrayal. I told her it was naught to be worried of. She is mad at Strider, but I told her to think with a cooler mind. He is slippery - he will probably manage to assuage her somehow.

    I don't feel like I did right. The pickpocketing was fine. But leaving the beholders? Scholar seems to prefer it that way, so he can scrounge more information from them…but is it in our interest to leave them there and enthrall tel'gothrim?