Conryn Blacklock

  • From humble beginnings of being a law-abiding fellow..

    To pissing off some of the most powerful and dangerous people in Faerun..

    He suffered consequences.

    Conryn was by far my longest-lived and most likely powerful PC.
    He loved to wander.

    He had adventures such as soloing team Citadel in the defense of Team Talona back in the beginning of his career.

    And then had adventures such as two-manning Team Citadel and NPCs in the March of Tempus. (Let's face it the NPCs were fodder!)

    Conryn was an absurdly long-lived PC (by my standards) and I don't think I could ever list every PC and Player that interacted with me, but I'll try.
    Thanks to Lucky Moonshine, CB, Olouth, Kham, Orin, Thune, Latok, OmegaCheese, Forte, FearMoho, DK, Seter, Dagon, Verk, Foley, Lord_Monotone, Dripster, ZombieMiker, Purple Diamond and many others!

    I had a pretty sweet hide score.

    And Tinker gave me an amazing cloak that I cherished.

    Conryn was immensely dangerous to those who angered him, and he had a reputation as a violent cutthroat whom it was better to stay on the good side of.

    Extra special thanks to Echo for the Safiya plot that I was so into when I started Conryn.
    And very extra special thanks to Gmork for the phat loot that is too amazing to show here.

    Here's to the next concept!

  • Aaaaw yeah! Murderhin

  • Now I am the king of rogues!
    Conryn was great. As was 2 (Or 1 and a half) manning the Citadel together.

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