X-Com 2… the name pool!

  • So this weekend a little game called X-Com 2 is being released… so thought it be funny to have a COA theme for the names of squad members. Also of note there's a pool of names and looks for random solider to use, as well npcs in game. I'm thinking if we work together, we will have a nice big list to give flavour and chaos to all our games!

    Watch this for the details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOPsOjkT7x4

    Anyway here's a little basic template for everyone to use.

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Armour Colours:
    Other Features:

    Do your own PCs for preference but historical pcs are fair game. DMS don't feel left out, do your favourite NPCS!

  • Urdlen

    the crawler below
    White with red blood splotches
    Short as possible, goggles and any sharp features
    Ranger (SWORD)

  • First Name: Leandrea
    Last Name: Egree
    Nickname: Lucky or Jinx! You choose!
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: Pale White
    Armour Colours: Blue and White
    Other Features: She needs a hat and a trench coat if one can be found and she's covered in Tattoo's!
    Class: Soldier, Heavy, rocket focused

    First Name: Wing
    Last Name: Pelton
    Nickname: She likes making bone charms so how about "Bone Collector"
    Hair: White with a red streak in her hair
    Skin: White
    Armour Colours: White and Red
    Other Features: N/A
    Class: Soldier, Mobility, shotgun

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