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  • Scaling is much better in Skyrim than it was in Oblivion, some creatures are actually hard to kill even on the easiest difficulty setting.

  • @B-Rock:


    Do the rats you fight still level up with you, so when you're 10th level you're fighting 10 level rats?

    I never did get that about Oblivion.

    Nah instead there's like mastodons and giants and frost trolls and dragons that teabag your lowly pathetic lvl 4 character.


  • Dragon fights I've seen so far seem underwhelming in difficulty.

  • Dragons owned me 1-10, but around 12 or so I started owning back. However, I still haven't even farted on the main quest other than the introduction and I hear the further you get on that one, more "breeds" of dragons come to play and melt face.

    Either way, who cares? THAR BE DARGONS~

    I'm level 18 and a dragon landed on me in town so I super-cartman-king-kamehameha'd him with my biggest dual fireball spell and.. erm.. wiped out about 60-70% of the town and had to reload. Oops. ~_~

    Think dragons are easy? Crank up the difficulty and enjoy reloads.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt5aUdijAN8

    This is what I will be doing when I get this game. If only this worked in Arabel.

  • Awesome things I've done / found in Skyrim:

    • Came across a headless ghost horseman on the roads, followed it to some awesome treasure.

    • Rescued a Stormcloak prisoner from the vile Imperial Guards at the side of the road and gave him a load of stuff!

    • Found a statue of the Grey Fox (old Thieves Guild Guildmaster)

    • Finished the Thieves Guild quest line (which is awesome)

    • Become a werewolf..then cured myself

    • Found a wooden pole with a ragged black flag on it out on a crop of rock to the very north of the map. No idea what it is, but I want to know!

    • Found a pile of stones with a wreath and candle laid at the bottom of it, no idea what it is…but again I want to know!

    • Bought a house and stacked all the books I've collected on my new book shelves.

    • Had couriers arrive with mysterious notes for me..

    • Been the focus of two assassination attempts: from the Elven Council and the Dark Brotherhood!

    • Been abducted by the Dark Brotherhood and forced to make a grizzly decision..

    And so many more. It's the best game I've ever played

  • Avoiding spoilers

    Just have to say I am a little disappointed with with the 'bang!' in the DB Faction. Much less flavour than Oblivions or even morrowinds Morag Tong. Infact the only flavour I liked was Cicero. Sad Assassin.

    TG seems to be heading the same way, but its just perked up a little.

  • I started over with Bosmer thief. If you want ideas for a class/concept, try using the Oblivion classes (healer, monk, knight, etc) and focus on those skills only with RP. I am using my old favorite Oblivion Witchhunter class template now (alchemy, sneak, archery, light armor, illusion etc). I think it helps rather than jumping all over the skills without really mastering any.

  • Im going to try and get over the key based inventory and play this for a few hours. I really just got pissed off with not being able to click on stuff in the inventory, and the weird esdf instead of wasd controls, which then switches to wasd for the inventory.

    There must be some fun in there somewhere. I mean…. I can play dwarf fortress and the controls on that are just ridiculous.

    I've downloaded it, and i'll go and get my copy back if i end up liking it.

    Heres hoping

  • Eh whut Gimp?

    ESDF for gameplay then WSAD for menus? You using custom keybinds?

    Because for me its WSAD for gameplay and mouse or arrow keys for menu.

  • I did fiddle with some stuff….

  • Worst interface ever.
    And despite the game being an improvement upon everything in the series, I don't know, I still can't play it for more than about 20 minutes at a time before getting bored. There's just not really a way to get immersed with the weird off-pacing.

  • I reckon once you set up enuf quick keys, it might be ok


    Worst interface ever.
    And despite the game being an improvement upon everything in the series, I don't know, I still can't play it for more than about 20 minutes at a time before getting bored. There's just not really a way to get immersed with the weird off-pacing.

    I do have to agree, overall its enjoyable. But the pacing is dire!

    In most cases its fetch X bring to Z at Y for the most of the questline, then it will drop in a bit of tasty relevant and interesting interactive plot and instead of finishing there or keeping up the tasty it goes back to a horrid plop.

    Also; this time around playing a shoutless character for now as those shouts are just so… naff. Its like pressing a WIN! button.

  • The pace seems fine to me, it is just the matter of what you do. The game does not expect you to pick every single one delivery quest as there is no possible concept for which such would fit. Just get at peace with the dozens of active entries in your journal and pick those your character would actually bother to do (i.e. those you find fun).

    The shouts - well, they do not seem to be that overpowering to me. I mostly use them when I am out of ideas how to kill this or that particular nastie, and even then, they do not help beyond what a normal powerful spell would achieve, at least not at the level 11 where I am now, with 4 shouts available. In fact, with my concept of heavy armor wielding battlemage (destruction + alteration focus) I find the game much more challenging than either Oblivion or Morrowind. It compares to Daggerfall's "thick spot" (levels 8-15) where high-level monsters started spawning in dungeons but you were too weak to handle them properly and had to loadsave several times to kill a single monster.

    Obviously, Elder Scrolls were never about thick condensed story like maybe the Krondor games or, more recently, the Witcher. They were about savouring the ambience, the setting, and taking things at your own pace.

  • Why this game so crack cocaine?

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