• Hey guys,

    I'm seeing a disturbing trend of RP standards dropping in general, and want to encourage everyone to keep their RP standards high. Stuff like not emoting that your armor is literally made up of flesh, sinew and bones of demons, druids and good paladins / clerics calmly tolerating people summoning shadowraths and undead, etc. Some of these classes have built in restrictions and things they will not allow, and that's part of the class balance. I expect that to be properly portrayed. No exceptions. Roleplay on quests, don't just run through them like they're some obstacle course you need to solve for the xp gp.

    I'm hoping I don't need to utilize negative reinforcement to curb this behavior as I use positive reinforcement to reward things I like to see, but I will if I have to. It's not exactly fun for me to drop spell failure, delete items and have the "talk" with people, so let's make sure that doesn't need to happen.

    Do not let your standards drop. This is a hardcore RP server, not an MMO, and I expect it to be treated as such.

  • Are shadowraiths undead? I know they act mechanically as undead, but are they actually undead?

  • You may not know what they are, but you do know what they look like. Would you see a skeleton covered in shadow with glowing eyes and think "hm, maybe this isn't an undead creature"?

    What they actually are is something for you to research in game. But if PCs are that skeptical, they should behave the same way with everything. "Hey, maybe that pale guy with "Vampire" above his head is just an albino! I should talk with him". I don't see that happening.

    People discriminate on convenience, not on their PC's judgement. As I said, it's not the case for everyone, but I expect standards for RP to be held high. This has nothing to do with any specific scenario, but is a general statement. I haven't punished anyone yet, but I will if the trend continues, so it's a chance to stop the lazy / convenient stuff and just portray your outlook and class the way it was meant to be.

  • Questions like these are better kept in game, believe what you want and if someone tells you otherwise you can chose to call them a liar or believe them. As long as it makes sense for you to do so.

  • I'm all for the DM to jump in and "administrate" holy punishment (in case of paladins, clerics and the lot).
    As per other kind of - allow me to call them - "RP transgressions" perhaps come 1-to-1 chat may become handy in specific cases.
    But I am sure the Playerbase here is mature enough to reduce/cancel the non RP behaviour.

  • Of course Almadyr, we don't punish before speaking.

  • I now treat shadow wraiths as a form of undead and try to make sure I treat it as such

    When I need such a escort it has always been outside the city or under it

    I do not think anyone has seen me ask the aid of one, but I do admit I have had to hastily unsummon when I use a transition that has changed, as has happened in the old town recently

    In the wilds or in old town(old old town when red baddies wandered free) or under the city, when someone attacks the beastie it gets unsummoned

    RPing on quests that are scripted? I will, but I am more interested in survival, take time to type and fugue will load. RP on D M quest? Only when I am sure it will not be interrupted by spawns. RP with speaking NPCs yes, unless they are meant for another player, I learned the hard way, keep your mouth shut if it is not for you, that includes skill rolls if they are meant for someone else ( I learned 3 times in the past not to do this)

    My RP is still there but the new arabel demands I make alterations when dealing with PCs or NPCs

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