The Recollection Realisation

  • People of Old Town; Beggars, Freedom Fighters, Scoundrels, and Haters of Hardcastle,

    [bli]The Recollection Realisation[/bli] is here to serve as your shield as an opponent of oppression!
    Freedom once walked these worn cobble streets of your home as your protector, the [bli]Plebian Court[/bli], and the tales of their acts of liberation spread far and wide to many ears.
    Over time the stories became memories hidden away in the dark corners of our thoughts only to be shared in quiet whisperings and hushed voices by the reminiscent as we're crushed under the heel of Hardcastle!

    Resurrection of these recollections is soon upon us and our decaying district and we need you!
    The arm of the strong, the mind of the smart, and the faith of the poor!
    Unite under our name and the tales of the Old Town of old shall return to reality!
    Abolishment of oppression! A shield for the weak!
    Laws for none! Freedom for all!
    Resist and bite!

    Send word to the [bli]Grinning Goat,[/bli] [bli]Shylocks[/bli] or [bli]Bar Below [/bli]for [bli]Corners[/bli] to fight back!

    With war on its way to Old Town with the recent riots, the decaying district's people need to unite to put up a fight and survive the heavy, tyrannical boot of the law.
    A lawless group reminiscent of the Plebian Court has been established and now invites any other like-minded people into their broad fold.
    Whether you're a goodly freedom fighter, a shady bloodstone dealer or anything pro-Old Town/anti-Citadel in between you'll find yourself welcome.

    Race: Any!
    Class: Any, although druid and paladin would be more difficult to fit in.
    Alignment: Any, but with a steep tilt toward non-lawful.
    Deity: Lenient, but mainly the faiths of Old Town/freedom. e.g. Tyche, Darmos, Shar, Clar Banda, Mask, Ibrandul, Morvys, Ilmater.
    How to join: Send a letter on the IC forum or catch our attention with feats IG.

  • Anyone between characters looking for an awesome group to join? Feel free to pm me on irc if you have any questions about the recollection realisation, we got lots to do and quite a few people, but there is always room for more.

  • We're still going and have too many plots to handle! Literally. Come take some >.>
    If you've got any questions about the group then pm me on irc or here.

  • With a sudden surge in plots and addition of several directions of conflict, the Recollection could do with a few more members!

  • Still going, although slowly with certain IC happenings.
    Join in and help restart the rebellion!