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    Nearing the coming of night, a man followed by a Fezznick retainer were seen running full pelt across the market. In north arabel both drew weapons and burst into a house, kicking down the door and charging in shouting all manner of things. A slight pause followed by the retainer running out of the house and swinging at seemingly thin air. What followed was a fight across the district as the retainer chased after a man with some kind of quarter-staff with glowing red blades at either end like some exotic sword. Magic was flying openly, some people swear they saw death itself fly through the air, screaming in an unearthly voice as it slammed into people. The first time this happened it was shrugged off, the second time it claimed the life of a young elf woman who was running for her life from the same building.

    The battle stretched over past midnight as empty potion bottles were chucked aside and steel hit steel several times over, blood covered the streets in wide pools and deathly magics, bright red beams of light coming down from the heavens, lit up the night sky.

    Eventually, the chase somehow stopped, rumours suggest a deal was made in order to save the life of those left between the assailent and the "Fezznicker". Back in the eastern market two somewhat eccentric mages carried a corpse going on about fights elsewhere and death. The blood splattered retainer walked in, a hand held firmly on a sword; but before long a red circle appeared on the ground and not just a few in the market were brought almost to their knees as their streangth drained. Weapons drawn, a rough circle formed while those with any sense made a run for it. As a woman in robes approached the market, the retainer walked towards her and sheathed his sword. He started raising his hand to halt her as a deathly screech sounded and the retainer fell to the ground. Undead ran amok, the death count increased as the man in full-plated armour was given free reign, with the retainer dead. In a horrifying act, some then reported the retainer's lifeless body being brought under the command of his slayer, as it went around bearing the seal of house fezznick and attacking man, woman and child without mercy bearing a gold sword with the symbol of helm in his bloodless hands.

    The witnesses were many and the signs of the aftermath, likewise. From north Arabel to the eastern market, the reign of terror spread while undead fought their way through the streets. No doubt about it, this can't just be Sett, he must have a tutor - Pyatt Pree, surely. Undead invasion, a threat beneath the paved streets, open slaughter in the market. Some even recall being told by friends about people they've never heard of considering moving into the slums - at least down there the gangs can keep you safe somewhat.

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    Hyvää Syntymäpäivää!

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