• Storyteller [DM]

    Sheriff Cal Blake makes discreet inquiries in the west and central districts whilst out of uniform regarding Vanderhelt, specifically regarding his trading patterns, family and acquaintances.

    He is careful to talk respectfully and discretely without being forceful.

    ///dont know if it makes any difference but persuade skill is maxed out!

  • [You find two books that mention his name. One is a history of powerful merchant families and Thond's rise to power. The other is a factual book who's theme seems to be that Arabel is secretly a giant slum, the fact hidden by the War Wizards as the King tries desperately to turn around the economy of the city. Both books were written pre-civil war.]


    The Vanderhelt Family achieved prosparity through Alexander Vanderhelt's days as an adventurer; Retiring in Arabel with a large fortune and many magical treasures to sell. He quickly established himself as a mercantile power, using his personal wealth to invest in businesses, start mining companies and hire adventuring troupes.

    Of all the merchant family of Arabel only the Family Vanderhelt once came so close to unseating William Thond as the unquestionably most powerful merchant in the city. For a span of one month in the two families maintained a heated competition in which prices were slashed on both sides considerably, to the benefit of all consumers.

    At the end of said month, Alexander Vanderhelt left the city on urgent business, leaving his two sons, Lawrence and Maxwell. In the time of his six month long absense not only did the Vanderhelt family lose their trading war with Thond, but also lost much of their prosparity due to the uneducated business decisions of Lawrence and Maxwell. The Vanderhelt's fell from fame and into the ranks of the unnoteworthy middle-class merchant families.

    Their situation changed when, six months after having left, Alexander Vanderhelt returned. Although he returned in a sorry state, deathly ill, he once more took control of the Family's business endeavors and lead them into prosparity again as a powerful merchant family, although the family never recovered from his absense or managed to rise to the prominance that William Thond Achieved.

    To this day the Vanderhelt Family remains in their Estate primarily, caring for their ailing father. Some of the finest healers, shamen and priests from across the realms have been employed to maintain his life in the past years and have succeeded in stalling his death. Since Alexander's return the house has been shrouded in mystery, the Family rarely ever leaving the Estate.

    Since then, from the accounts of visiting healers, it is presumed that Mexwell has passed away, as has Jessica Vanderhelt, Alexander's wife. This would, if true, leave only Alexander Vanderhelt and his son Lawrence.


    …Silk, Eggs, and Livestock.

    Alexander Vanderhelt and Family: Metals, Magic Items, Oil, Livestock, Meats, Armor and Weapons.