Socketted item spawn

  • Hi,

    I've noticed a lot of certain types of socketted items mainly lying about in the streets or in the guildhall (daggers and hand axes come to mind)

    I'm sure there are every type of weapon available in socketed version somewhere, on some quest, in the module, but, my suggestion is this.

    Everywhere there is a chance of a socketted weapon spawning, make it an even (or much much much closer to even) chance of it being any of the myriad of weapons available in the game.

    I think it would help more players make characters with 'flavour'

  • That would be a good idea if the items actually had the variable on them that makes it possible to socket them with a gem. Those found in Frin's basement, for example, do not have it. (This has been reported a few times in the bug forum)

  • Ive put a gem in a handaxe before, did it break?

  • I mentioned in another post that I've socketed a dagger from Frin's basement before, but that items found there are no longer working. A club found on the kidnapped kid quest also turned out to not be socketable.