Is stealing stuff fun?

  • I'd prefer not to see numbers and debates in this thread (other then votes up there), rather interesting stories how people made theft fun for you despite loosing something precious, or how did you managed to do the same for your victim.
    Convince me that theft is fun, and not only a thing that pisses people of!

  • As Ando Forn (AKA Thorn AKA Fox AKA Sammy the Quail) an infernalist, Me and another fellow infernalist took down a lvl 10 Ranger, think we were both lvl 5, so it added up I guess. I was till pretty amazed we did it. Anyway.

    I took his cloak after some events which are probly still spoilerish.

    Just his cloak, then gave him several ways to get it back.

    The cloak was useless to me, having bonuses to hide and move silently. I was a pure fighter.

    I could have taken all of his gold (which I suspect would have been a rather large amount) but opted to just take something he'd very much like to have back and hold it hostage in effect.

    This actually brought my little team a step closer to completing a goal of ours by us getting something we needed from him in return for the cloak.

    Luckily the player didnt just stealth around and find us, then beat us up and take it back which they could easily have done.

    There was another time when I took all of someones healing supplies (which wasnt a lot, but if there were alot I would have taken all of them) the reason I took those, was because I was sending them to someone as a message, after cutting them up a bit, if they could heal themselves, the message wouldn't get through.

    I only took what made sense to take. I was in a rush, with my co-hort freaking out about us being so close to the city. The player involved in this didn't get me arrested right away, but was eventually my downfall.

    It's not just about the evil guy making it fun. Something to be considered is to make it fun for the evil guy.

    Don't run off and grab your hard core lvl 10 friends to do them in instantly, or report them to the sherriffs right away. Perhaps have a bit of fear, or even just give it some time. I highly doubt you are going to get FD'ed by them unless you really ask for it. Also, even if you get robbed, when the gank squad comes, you'll get your stuff back! let it roll!

    This character of mine was doing this kind of thing at lvl 1, so, if someone had reported him or told a high level about it right off the bat, he would have lasted less time than he did.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    i have been robbed 2 times. once with less than 10 lines conversation before a FD. the other as we left the lumber quest, whilst still in the caves again with no disernable RP.

    I am not complaining, but pointing out that as Gimpatronic has written so very well, there are ways to do these things and the focus of them should not really be financial gain but developing the story.

  • Been robbed 4 times. (i think)

    First time was by someone drawing attention, and then a pickpocketing friend.. Not sure if they ever made the rolls, but i suspice they did. 😛 and it was fun
    Second time was by Maw the Fetch, beatdown and some stuff stolen.. Proper RP (except from my side, i could still talk while unconscious 😃 )
    2 other times was while dead and without RP, although i got a lot of stuff returned in time. Still, no fun.

  • Had 15.000 gold taken off my hands once, but I had no regrets. It was after an epic 3 hour battle trying to eliminate a drow house. We just lost the last battle, but were left alive due to crash. The DM took away all our gold though, but it was still totally worth it.

    Damn you, Camazotz.

  • Used to play a pickpocket team where I used to be the distraction. I enjoyed that and the pair of us stole enough to pay for room and board, nothing else.

    I've had items stolen from my death bag. I hated it.

    I've had items stolen from PvP beat down, and that was IC. My character was livid, but the thieves hammed it up and made it entertaining.

    I've stolen a significant amount of gold from a PvP and regretted every moment, handing it back OOC.

  • I find the whole debate in my opinion odd. I agree its strange for someone is split second to strip a man of a suit of full plate in less time than it takes to blink an eye odd but I don't think I've been upset for longer than 5-10 seconds after full looting. I see it as a challenge and what I totally expect of a halfling in all black who refuses to give his name.

    The stealing of a plot item I dislike but gold/magic items/l3wt I could care less.

    I think the chance of being full looted adds to the allure and danger of CoA and working with mixed parties. It should be those who have been robbed job to go get back their things, not a DM policy.

    Thats my 2 cents and i'm sure everyone disagrees

    I had one of my characters completely stripped a tossed naked into the streets by a team of n00bs. I use the word correctly. They assumed because they hadn't killed me it was alright to full loot me. I ended up tracking them down, approaching them with a chance to make even more coin with a ploy that I need a guide to take me down into the sewers and then when we got down, sprung my trap, knocking them both out, and giving them a chance to turn to Bane or feel his wrath. Both quickly agreed and though they disapeered/were banned less than 24 hours later I was happy with the time, even though I never saw my gear again.

  • I've robbed and I've been robbed and I've enjoyed most of the times a fair bit. Always gave me new reasons to pursue interaction with said characters.

  • @doorbasher2:

    I find the whole debate in my opinion odd.

    Well, I've asked for stories not for a debate. 😉
    Perhaps it will be hard to get away without it… 😞

  • My question is;

    Why do you need to full loot?

    If the goal is to cause conflict or fun or to get someone to persue you then you shouldn't need to take everything, or even any gold. Just take one good magic item from the guy that they'll probably miss and give him some kinda taunt like "Catch me if you can".

    The reason people full loot others isn't out of a desire to entertain or to stir up conflict, it's because they're pricks who want lots of gold and magic stuff, but don't want to have to work for it. So they get mechanically powerful, beat up random people, then take everything and pretend it's to cause RP in the future.

    There's never any need to full loot someone.

  • Ive had some characters robbed and pickpocketed and the thief made it great fun even screaming and running away when spotted.
    Ive also had encounters where i got FD and robbed with very little rp but that sort of thing dosent happen so much these days.

    Playing a Thief/mugger is alot of fun if you do it right jumping somone from the shadows making threats demanding gold etc..if the person dosent just drink invis and run it can lead to alot of good rp.

    Pick pocket is even more fun as you basicly stand with the victim rping for 10 mins or so while robbing them blind (not that you ever get that much)Still it is good when you are emoting putting stuff into your pockets while admiring there clothes or sword etc..Also getting others involved in the action is good using them as distractions and breaking up fights's surprising how many players don't realise you are stealing from them even when you set up the entire event in order to do so. 😉

    So yeah a well played thief is awesome a badly played one is just totaly lame.

  • I have been robbed once and that was by Gimpatronic's character Thron, I had a lot of fun and the only thing I lost was some healing potions. It made sense in the matter and the quality of RP was stunning, it gave my character a strong twist in life and I'm really thankful for Gimpatronic that he did this. I have no joy in people taking my stuff, sure it could make sense but this is a game and just beating up other people to get their items is lame. The healing potions that were taken were taken for a -reason-, which I think was fair enough and I had no problem with it at all.

  • I've never been stolen from, but then again…who would dare gank a Knight? >_>

    I've been very close of being ganked though, several times. One of the more memorable times was when I ran into those 2 elven brothers that were killing people. I knew they were murderers OOC, but I had to act as if they were just normal passerbys IC. It was pretty tense.

  • I've never been stolen from, but then again…who would dare gank a Knight? >_>

    I know my character has picked your pocket at least twice :evil:

  • since 2003, I've been stolen from or assasnated three times were it was attempted to be made fun. Ive been ganked and full looted or just had large amounts of stuff stolen by party members during a scripted death so many times its not worth bothering to count or describe.

    Even when told by a DM it was a lame death and feel free to respawn, I've generally stopped playing teh character because the lameness leaves a bad taste in ones mouth forever after.

    In my experience, I see no difference between stealing a plot/special item and stealing other things. Either way it's stuff thats valued by the players.
    Some people value a 2500gp item they saved up to buy in a store more than others value a DM item

  • Looting is fun and being looted is not fun.

  • @Jasede:

    Looting is fun and being looted is not fun.

    and therin lies the paradox. How do you make loss into gain? I suppose one way of looking at it is, if you, as the thief, gain x thousands in value from a steal, then you should be considering how much time and RP went into that player gaining something of that value and returning an equivalent value in RP. To me, this equation is very difficult to balance for higher value items. A wand with 5 charges worth a couple of hundred is equivalent to the level of RP one might find on the low end scripted quests, easily achieveable in a single PvP event. Move on to a unique DM item, that was gained by three weeks of plotting, and you need to start looking at raising your game as a thief so much, so that you are providing the same level of RP and fun that the player received in initially gaining that item. A tall order, but not impossible, if the steal takes days or weeks of RP, before and after the steal.

    Thieves, get to stealing, but raise your game and give back the same, if not more value in RP than you actually steal. You'll enjoy it more as well!

  • 'Plot items' aren't allowed to be put into persistent storage, so that other players have the chance to steal them! that's the whole point of the rule!

    Also, there's a dynamic to think about. If someone hires a thief, the thief may just beat you down outta no where, and take that item, plus a bit of gold to over expenses.

    The fact you just lost that item, is just continuation of a story. Now its taken you several weeks to gain it, only to have it taken by unknown forces. Now to find out who, why, and how to get it back.

    To paraphrase the Moloch. It aint happy fluffy bunny friends foreva land.