Lock death packs

  • I know it's said that dms do this during events sometimes anyways, but I think it'd be great if corpse bags would just lock on their own.

    I died during the dm event yesterday. Disappointing but, eh. Trey was kinda a shallow character who I made mainly to reacquaint myself with the server and he served his purpose, but I was very disappointed to hear that someone jacked his gold from his pack while he was dead. It's been going on here for YEARS (I must admit that years ago, in my immaturity, I even did it a time or two), and I kinda feel like it's time to stop πŸ˜• I think we can try to add a bit of security in these situations in a very simple way.

    I propose death packs spawn locked. Fugue robes can be used to unlock them if desired so that their goods and person may be transported by party members for resurrection or what have you, but otherwise the pack will remain locked. After respawn, the character token widgit can be used on the pack to unlock it (it can check the character name versus the name of the pack to make sure it's the right person so they can only unlock their own pack).

    This allows pvp looting to occur (if the character is left alive, thus encouraging people not to FD each other as well) and protects players in situations like mine where 4.3 k gold walked off never to be seen or heard from again, stolen by some jerk who did nothing to earn it save circle corpses during a lag-fest dm event like a buzzard on roadkill.

    Just to further clarify I'd already decided Trey was going to white light well before any of this happened so i swear it's not a crybaby post, it's just something I think would make the server more fun and requires very limited scripting, maybe a few dozen lines of code.

  • I have a different proposition. Instead of locking bags, put in a script which says: You see John Doe taking X gold from So and So's backpack, like it does for other items. This should be imposed for chests and corpses, so people can't loot 4000 gold and say that the guy only had 100, even though people JUST saw the dude snatch that huge arse bag of coins.

    The way it is, people can rob loot without others OOC noticing, even if they're paying attention, and would know IC.

  • Seriously, if someone grabbed gold from your pack in the middle of that there were like 40 people there who would have noticed. That is definately metagaming.

    If I ever see anyone looting gold from the bags of dead players during big events without knowing that the player is whitelighting their character/the player's consent there will be very serious consequences including things like DM kills, character deletions and vault whipes depending on the situation.

  • It's easy to find who took that gold by checking the logs.

  • @SnakesForDinner:

    It's easy to find who took that gold by checking the logs.

    I'd like to know. It was between 4000 and 4500 gold. someone just walked right off with it. But thanks to Cadiz for picking up and holding my other belongings! (Well, what the thief didn't steal)

  • We have a script to lock death bags during DM events and a script that tells you when people are taking things from them.

    This is a pretty moot suggestion!

  • @Mr.Moloch:

    We have a script to lock death bags during DM events

    I realize the script is there to lock them (though I've rarely seen it used) but the suggestion is to make them lock automatically all the time, since full looting bags of fallen characters doesn't do a lot for roleplaying (or adventure or intrigue).

    and a script that tells you when people are taking things from them.

    And the script doesn't tell anyone when gold is taken.

  • Its not like you notice if "X has taken some coins from corpse of Y" in the middle of a huge-ass battle anyway.

  • locked bags is a OOC courtesy from the DM's so you can feel safe during their events that really shouldn't be extended to every day encounters. Or something that is done to keep people from looting the enemy PC's with +4 gear that was just for that encounter.

  • In DM events, yeah, but thats already there.

    In general, no, because it stops people being able to take a quick look in your bag, to see if you have really been hiding the super death stone of doom all along if you get nailed by a slaad while traveling with people you should be more careful around.

    If people rob you for no real reason and don't make it any fun, screen shot and send to a DM.

  • I'm not trying to get this thread locked, but I think I need to be enlightened. What's wrong with taking gold from a corpse during a battle?

    I mean corpse-looting happens in war. While LG characters will probably seek to return the items to a family member, nearly every other alignment probably wouldn't mind. A NG character might use the gold/items recovered from a body to honour the previous owner's memory; A CG character might buy a busload of booze with the money and drink to their memory; evil characters would likely think "too bad you died sucker, but now I'm better off for it". Just my interpretation of course.

    Yes, it sucks to have 4.5k stolen from your corpse. Yes it's unrealistic to have that much looted from a body. It's also unrealistic to carry that much around at any given time, but the engine can't preven that. If we're talking about a bag of golden coins worth 4.5k, do you have any idea how much that would weigh?! There is a bank where you can keep your gold, so that bringing your life-savings into battle won't slow down your sword-swing. I'm not against carrying that much gold on you, I just think that if you had less that 4.5k on you, they wouldn't have stolen 4.5k.

    As to the metagaming aspect, (and yes, this is just my opinion), to me, metagaming is using OOC information to your character's benefit in game in such a way that it abuses continuity and server policy. Looking at someone's dropped bag and seeing money, and taking this money, isn't metagaming in itself. Where the metagaming comes in is the setting, (is is likely that you would have been seen?). Doing this in Tymora's Temple, versus doing this in the sewers is a big difference. I would argue that in the aftermath of a battle, there is so much confusion and emotion, that even though the area is crawling with PCs and NPCs (and probably DMs) you could get away with pinching a few things (definitely not dry-looting). It would be very possible to get "lost in the crowd".

    I fully support the idea of a script which says (you see X taking X gold from X's corpse), which would enable any player/DM who sees this to say something like :"Eh! 'ave some respect fer the dead!!". But otherwise, I don't see it as too much of a crime, especially if the player has white-lighted.

    People get greedy, so why can't characters be greedy from time to time? I'm actually amazed that my stuff is all there when I've been brought back to my belongings. I think it's up to the player to notice if anything's missing. When it comes to robbing gold, maybe putting some back instead of taking the full amount might be better. Like I said earlier, it's unrealistic to get away with taking that much gold, and it's less likely that the player will notice that some is missing.

    If there is to be no looting on the server, then why drop items at all? Why not have them go to the fuge with the player? I can see where these policies where established to prevent OOC grief, but isn't this a roleplay server where we're meant to take everything in game? I think that maybe contacting a player in the fugue and asking "My character needs to steal a few things, will that flip you off the edge?" would be a courtesy, and as long as you don't take all or only the best items, I think few would have a problem with it.

    Death is typically a scenario where OOC feelings take over. It really sucks to die, and it only gets worse the higher level you are. Having a player "spit on your grave" by looting you only increases the sour feelings and reduces your desire to keep playing the character. This is understandable, and is why a feeling of respect needs to be had by players that loot, just like players that PK. As long as that is respected, I don't see why corpse-looting should be an issue at all…

    Again, I'm not trying to be confrontational, I just don't like the apparent suggestion that nothing is to be taken from a player's corpse ever.

  • Looting during a mass battle is ridiculous. There are hundreds of orcs/goblins/whatever around and you're safe enough to dig through a pack looking for gold? That's stupid, and that's why we try to lock bags during those big events. Add to that the sheer number of PCs who get killed in these events and you'll have one or two asshats running around in stealth looting everything and OOC lying about it. It's just as stupid as sending secret DM channel messages saying that you're looting the NPCs. If I somehow see somebody doing either of those, I'm pretty liable to just DM kill the looter and put their gold on my avatar.

    Stealing from a fallen character at another time is a different matter. Be courteous- that's the rule. We aren't going to make it against the rules to loot PCs in other situations.

  • Ah. Makes sense now.

  • If we played a server where the belongings of a fallen pc werent suppose to be looted, then the whole point of the bag is moot, right? Then you can just keep your belongings on you all the time, even in the fugue.

    The main reason, if memory serves, why bags began to be locked during mass death events, was due to the fact that a few people would unrealisticly loot from your companions, while you were right next to the dead person, but was otherwise engaged in combat. It was part of the whole "evil halfling rogue in black and plot helmet" curse we had in v2 and v3.

    That said, remember kids, stealing from dead people isnt against the rules. Do it on quests, or when you pvp, and there are rules to follow, such as dont be an ooc ass hat.

  • I hate the stealing part of the game in any aspects, because it's nearly impossible to handle. You can't notice it most of the times -as the message gets lost between combat rolls and other junk- and even if you can, you may be too late to respawn at the end of the event or others just have to go, or something silly happens. In fact you can't react on it immediately, because there is a fight going on, and debates are much slower due to the speed of typing on both sides. Most of this goes for stealing on quests as well.
    Quests are OOCly blanced so they pay more then they cost if you do it well. (or things go well and lucky. πŸ˜ƒ ) Stealing breakes this balance, so I don't do it, or at least try not to do it. πŸ˜ƒ
    I remember when they sent me ahead scouting in a room where you never get spawns on the carpenter quest, but there are two lootable corpses. One of them 111 gold and a MW bastard sword, but I didn't take either. Everyone got in, two guys walked to the corpses, someone took the stuff. after ending the quest they both told us ooc that they have to hurry and logged out. this has happened 50% of the times I was robbed. πŸ˜•

  • Stealing from a player who has died on a scripted quest is just play nasty. They've just lost 000's of XP and you nick their uber ring and gold, whilst paying nothing back in enhanced game play and enjoyment? How nasty as a player can you get?

    If you PvP and develop enjoyment for your victim's player out of your theft, then that is adding something to this game. Any other theft directly from a player's sack is not fun, in my book. It's a Roleplay server and yes, stealing is part of this, but it is also a Game server and games are supposed to provide enjoyment.

    Yes, my characters have stolen. I hope that I have made the thefts entertaining. But I have tried to. I've had gold, lots of it, uber rings, belts and all sorts stolen, and mostly, it has been while I have been dead on a scripted quest and stolen from my bag, and it just pissed me off.

    I have had a Mithril Chain Mail worth 000's stolen from one character that I was still paying off the debt for, but it was done IC, with threats and blackmail and allsorts. That, I enjoyed, though I never saw the armour again.