A general thread of apology (for all)

  • Just a general thread to all involved (DMs and players alike) with the orc attack today. As I'm sure many of you were, I found myself simply unable to act at all. Once the initial combat ensued, I could neither attack, nor move, nor heal, nor activate any items/modes, etc. My character just did the little "bathroom" dance, which effects and arrows were going off all around me.

    Since I had to leave in 20 minutes anyway (had 2 hours when we started), I figured it was only polite of me to bow out and reduce everyone's lag. Quite frankly, I have no idea if I left alive or dead, it was so bad on my end. Anyway, hope I didn't inconvenience anyone with my departure.

    If I am dead, well, I suppose I'll just announce here my intention to respawn. If I'm alive, this announcement isn't really applicable. And if I crashed the server by logging… well... oops! Have a good Friday night!

    Player of Hektor Szarrin

  • Yes. My client crashed out at one point and the lag was horrendous. I tried to use a bless wand on our party and it took over two minutes to fire, while all sorts of things were happening around me.

    So my apologies as well but those sort of conditions are unplayable.

  • I'm dead, and just white lighted. Gonna miss most of ya. See you around.

  • It's just lag, it cannot be avoided. When one joins such an event, he should be aware.

  • Me and Thadius died.

    Go figure.

  • This is now a thread where all casualties of today will be listed. Only character names, whines can go to IRC or off topic forums.

  • So that's why the server was 55/55 all afternoon…

  • Sucks for the people who died early on; Once the lag stopped the event got real awesome really fast.

    The connundrum being that the only reason the lag stopped is because half of the people died early on.