Letters Home

  • Trey Kross sends this letter with a caravan outbound to Tethyr

    Uncle Bartleby,

    I'm nearing the end of my first month in Arabel, and I must tell you things here have changed. Not a single cobble is as I remember it, not a single stone in it's place as it was when we left fifteen years ago. It's as though someone erased the from the face of Toril and redrew it to their own deranged preferences. They say that the wizard Gilmore, locked up in his tower, has caused much of the physical changes to the city, but I think it runs deeper than that. The people here seem charicatures of what Arabeleans should be.

    I've made a bit of coin, and gained a bit of a reputation as a reliable sword. It's good, but I'm beginning to hunger for more. It's not enough to see my purse filled, I need to see the city fixed. Repaired. Returned to it's previous splendor. Toss aside the politics of Cormyrian or Independent, it's the attitude of the people that really needs to be corrected. I'm going to see what I can do about that.

    You wouldn't believe what walks the city streets these days. Kobolds, Lizardfolk, half-blooded orcs, and even a half-dragon are treated as humans. They consider themselves our equal, some even our betters. What would uncle Rik say if he saw this nonsense on the city streets? It's good he's dead and buried, if he were still alive he'd likely kill himself. I've found part of the problem, though. The old Bhaliir estate is gone. No nobles appear to have much presence in the city nowadays. The strong blood that once kept the mud from the water is no longer present, and the city suffers for it.

    On top of all these troubles, the city is rife with demon-thrall, devil-worshippers, insane cultists and mad wizards. I've seen no less than a dozen different infernal creatures myself since my arrival, and nobody seems overly concerned with the frequency of their appearance. Arabel appears to be a magnet for such folk. There is a chapterhouse of the Order here, but I've no desire to toss my hat in with the sheriffs, as they have, so I'll pursue things with the Mages to see how I can help with the problem. Perhaps even sign on as a Wyvern, but perhaps not. No need for hastey decisions, right?

    I hope things go well in Tethyr with your new wife. Give her and your children my best. I hope to come visit before years end, but the road is long and unforgiving, so we'll have to see what happens. By the way, were you aware we'd picked up such a heavy accent in our time there? Countless times I must repeat myself to these folk in Arabel. I doubt there's one among them that would suspect I spent the first decade of my life here.

    "Do not count a coin not in your purse,"