Time bound location to be removed from Caravan

  • Caravan should not be time bound as there is no caravan that is being run from Arabel to various places, but its bringing the pack oxes from other places to Arabel as such giving out the quest only at the select time does not seem to fit the equation.

    I believe this should be more like the fivestar delivery quest where one can choose the destination he wishes to deliver the goods to.

  • This statement is has received the Erkenbrande seal of approval.

  • I'm torn on this one. One of the reasons to have the caravan system with time slots unique to each caravan, is to have them be unique and to make you have to gather a party for a certain time to go to a certain place. In theory, it also gives caravan muggers an edge if they know what time (typically) a caravan would typically come through (in fact, the reason we now have caravans in areas accessible to everyone, instead of just those on the quest, is to promote this sort of road banditry).

    These things being said, (and I've said this before) the caravans are VASTLY underused in Arabel. I cannot understand why, because it's the perfect opportunity to meet new people and to do a bit of wanderings about, but I almost never see anyone doing caravans anymore, so perhaps removing the time restriction would make them more accessible to the general player base.

  • I love and I mean I LOVE this idea. I think the biggest reason people do not do caravans is because they are a pain in the ass to organize. Please just make them like other quests.