Ricky Blake.

  • I knew they'd be fighting it. Banging their heads against a wall. If they don't stop soon, the wall will sprout spikes and they'll impale themselves.


    Locked in a box, it's just like a wasp, angry and buzzing and ready to sting.

    Freed by their hand, it calms and changes, a butterfly flies to the trees.


    A long drawn out war, with countless deaths, or a short period of transition, and an entirely new part of the world.

    And they choose the first? Change is hard to accept, I'm sure they'll see the light some time soon, it must be hard when you haven't seen what I have.


    A peaceful creature with a self defense system.

    Hinder the nest, and you'll get stung.
    Let it be, and honey can be harvested, so long as your not greedy.

  • In the ruins. Orb? Tablet? Rod? Staff? Book? all of them?

    Maybe I'll find the book which will explain where the orb is, which will have a vision of the location of the staff, which teleports you to the Tablet the writing on which will explain how to use the rod. Who bloody knows. Took me months to decipher the mass of visions that led me here, and now I'm here they aren't much clearer. And everyone wants details….. I'm not a f%&^%&g book!

    What is it? what does it do? how long? SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

    Egotistical B$%£^&s. Think they've got it all figured out. Just plying me for information without giving anything back. Bollocks.

    Don't just squeeze the lemon till you've exhausted every last drop, then complain its bitter! help me find some bloody sugar for the gods sakes! (literally?)


    Least I found a few people that make sense, and actually have some ears that aren't stuffed with their own ass wax.


    Just so happens those people listened long enough to be able to help too. Their dodgy as hell, but I really don't give a S&^t, I'm going to make sure it goes as well as it can, don't give a crap who helps.

    Now I've got this lovely thing to look over, and I think I know just what to do with it next. Probably best get some advice first though, I may know a lot about one thing, but I'm no arch-mage, and I'm not a deluded egotistical weirdo that thinks their the be all and end all like most of these a long sentence involving 90% curse words. Especially that git that called me the 'mad prophet' what an arse. He did exactly what I was suggesting they do just the day before, and then calls ME mad….

    Wow, that feels better. Maybe I'll say it to their face some time. Just don't want to end up in a damn cell again. That was hideous.


  • So the Tablet was part of a power word…. Unfortunately one thats been spent, used up, gone.

    Can't believe we survived the trek through that illithid mage lair.

    Shame the Tablet was a sort of 'red herring' but it's not all bad. The Sharran confirmed my visions were right, and I am looking in the right place.

    Hopefully at least some of the people I took with me will help me in the future. They got paid enough.

    If only I could get a small group of dedicated people together, people who believe in the right way of going about this. Not likely with the sheriffs and Zhentarim topping me from even writing the word rift or mentioning it in a sending. I guess there's ways round that, and at least I can speak it face to face with people.

    I feel like crap. Too many ghosts. I think I'll have a looooong sleep.

  • Got a decent few allies now, all willing to work towards this, for their own reasons of course, but that's probably the best way.

    A shame they seem never to be around at the same time though.

    Only one of them ever asked me what -my- reasons were. I was lost for words, the question just seemed silly to me.


    Things aren't moving fast enough, going to have to make some radical changes, soon.