Return of the Great One (Forte's Miscelleanous Screenshots)

  • Upon my return to this server, I've taken many a screenshot. Enjoy!

    Some sendings.

    Recent Council meeting:

    Henri is snarky.

    Just hanging out, down the street, the same old thing we did last week!

    No need to explain.

    I finally get to RP for the first time in years with StrawMan, and this shit happens.

    Tusk and Arabel's orc record. Oh and Tana killed a kid. That too.

    Just a screenshot of a celestial vault.

    Dorna summed up.

    One of the Fight Nights.

    Zymun's duel, aka why Lizard needs to pay attention to character levels:

    And Benedict vs Zymun.

    Screenshots of Jalen.


    I love these bullets.

    Polaris + NPC totally not modeled after MY personality:

    Moloch cheats. So much.

    And the lead up to that:

    If you die a lot, Shauna is snarky when raising.

  • Nice set of screenies

  • More screens, sorted through more raw screenshots.

    The server trembled before me, and sought to appease me through sacrifice.

    Tara was a strange person to login on.

    Aboleth finale!

    One of these things is not like the other.

  • I'm pretty sure the quote from Tara was regarding fruitcake.

    But I won't deny that Tara often worded her phrases to sound sketchy when taken out of context.

    Also, the screenshot with Arcavius, isn't Hawklin the blonde man in that picture?

  • Not sure. Could be, although I think that was a different Lord. As in 3 different Lords there.

  • Zymun's duel, aka why Lizard needs to pay attention to character levels:

    Listen here you, screenshots are not allowed under Thayan law.

  • hah!! my sign is forever immortalized.

  • New batch.

    Greeting party for Abbas.

    Bastian and buffs.

    Puffy + Brownfox = ?

    Something's off here.

    He getting the whip.

    Helping Spiffy check a quest, this is what he thinks of our request for more elites.

    Hominid being himself.

    Maria vs Johnny.

    A bunch of sendings!

    Sammie asking the important question.

    Silentpaw isn't happy.

    Sigh..just letting this one speak for itself. Aka Puffy gonna tear apart some DMs.

    Axe lets his thoughts on the Militia's hiring practices be known.

    Just another day on the job as a Battlemage.

  • Borin and his status in the Spire.

    Anthony and his masculinity.

    The Voice is breeding!

    Just another day on the job as a War Wizard.

    Spiffy, Echo and Polaris talking about Puffy and morals in shouts.

    A bunch of shouts from Spiffy.

    Spiffy's avatar just hauling ass.

    Dim spreading the good word.

    Puffy and a couple of shouts.

    Manzahar makes a sending!

    Random Implosion.

  • Sending war between Hardcastle and the druids!

  • Some more misc screenshots!

    Adventures with Aldek.

    An Areru sending.

    Aroum appearance.

    Borin's a simple dwarf, who loves to fight.

    Celas takes a cheap shot.

    Just another day on the job.

    Jacques, when he's happy.

    Puffy's wrath.

    Rarin makes a sending.

    And then goes one on one with Daniel.

    Smithson vs the dwarves.

  • Aliri's knighting (as a PD Knight).

    Fun times when the PD camp was being set up.

    Crom makes a sending for Manzahar.

    Celas gives his opinion of Aldek's parenting skills.

    CaptainFantastic chimes in on a quest test.

    The end of the Circle of all dogs go to heaven Burnt Trees.

    How Mortui and I greet each other.

    Random fight between Rrukh and Simion Roark.

    Funniness from the scrying test.

    Random Spiffy goof.

    And a Titus sending.

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