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  • Have a friend I am bring IG asap, as she wants to play. SHe has -zero- experience in NwN or ROleplaying games. She is a theater graduate though, and it sounded fun. I will post her name on here if and when she asks me to. But I am hoping I can some helping hands to introduce her to the mechanics and general setting of the game. I will reffer her to the forums, but who wants to spend two days reaading forums before -actually- playing a game? Anyway. any help for her or advice for me would be appreciated. As I havent taught from scratch in many years.


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    Send her my way!

    I'm good at this sort of thing, apparently.

  • Oh wow. First of all, good on you for bringing new people to the server! Second, as you know, you have a daunting task ahead of you.

    I sort of did the same thing recently in bringing my wife to play on the server. Her experience of Roleplaying games extended as far as Skyrim and she knew nothing of DnD, FR or actual "Role Play" before jumping straight into CoA. I am going to put a few things below that helped us personally, but something like this is really going to depend a lot on the person you are trying to teach. The main goal is to have fun. If they have fun, they are going to stay interested and want to keep playing.

    -Don't start on CoA. CoA is pretty unforgiving when you have never played an RPG before. Death sucks, the rules aren't immediately obvious and you are stuck trying to learn how to RP, the setting AND DnD/NWN at the same time. What my wife and I did was play through some of the premade bioware campaigns. Even the main campaigns are doable with two people. It is easy enough, especially on LAN, to host your own campaigns. Start with these so there is no pressure to learn RP and the Setting, so she can concentrate solely on learning the game.

    -Read some books, don't get too caught up on the forums. This one kind of assumes she also doesn't know anything about the FR setting. If she doesn't and she would enjoy reading some light fantasy novels, introduce her to one of the many FR series. Elminster, Drizzt, anything will do really. They can provide a little bit of context to the setting. Mostly the "feel" and outlook of the FR, as well as introducing her to some of the core concepts like Magic, Deities and Monsters. On top of that, they may provide some inspiration for a character; even if it is a bit cliche.

    -Start a new concept with her, even if it is just an alt for you. For one, you won't have the pressure of playing your main character on top of teaching someone else how to play. Second, it will let you make a more straight forward and simple concept for their first character. I don't think anyone should expect their first character to last too long or to be shaking the server. After the plays for a bit she will figure out what she likes and dislikes and will want to start afresh anyway.

    I may think of some more things as time goes on, but that is what I have for now. Good luck and have fun!

  • ill be glad toroll up an alt top show her around a little…

  • Tell your friend to swing by IRC and introduce themselves. There is no shortage of us veteran players who have the desire, knowlege and experience to give newbloods a proper tour of both IC and OOC facilities.

  • Also, in regards to FR lore it does help to know the basics, but the sheer amount of texts dealing with the setting is to say the least daunting to freshies. I, myself, had no prior knowlege of FR or DnD before NWN (I spent my time playing Swedish settings, Trudvang ftw) and still had an amazing first try.

  • I think the guy known as Seter is making some sort of dwarf faction in another. If they play during his times they could possibly roll up something that doesn't die in two seconds.

    Also, knowing how good they are at video games kind of would help. Did they ever play Jedi, Realistic, or other hard difficulty settings where they had to be careful?

  • She is tempted by the RP. As far as her XP goes, she was an 8 bit gamer and played Resident Evil… SHe has played Myst and loved the game. BUt as far as PvP Intrigue games, not so much. Role playing, well. She role plays for a living, she is a stage actor.

  • How did I miss someone with the name TRASH PANDA ?????

    Nice work, my hat is off to you sir/madam.

  • Seek me out in game if you and her are on when I am on

    I can teach her how to survive and I do know the nuances of rp in coa, granted I will be sharing by direct experience what not to do

    But I feel I Can show some one in game as well as out of character how to survive, it is a given she will not make a master at combat so my advice may come in handy

    Jumping in and Lear ing is a good way to go especially if she has you guiding her

    And sometimes the first character can grow into something bigger than you or she would expect

    My second character after my first was my first v3 character and endured to the end of v3/4 heck had there not been a wipe she would still be going

    Never discount any character no matter how gimped events can mold her, get in learn and teach and have fun, ask the dms for help should the need arise

  • My fresh blood, Spark Praesti, joined today. He's playing an illusion wizard. Please help him as you are able.

  • Positive endorsements are always welcome:

  • I might have a gander around Reddit looking for roleplayers, though I can't promise anything. The Friendly Reddit DDOS/Hug is a thing for a reason.

  • Yes guys, if people can spare the time, we could widen the community at least a little by using whatever communication means we can muster.

  • I've been trying to put the word out amongst my old pnp group. When you buy Nwn from GoG, do you still need to request a product key to play multi player/ online?

  • Yes you do.

  • yes

  • There is a group of table top players on my base and I'm sure I'll find some more when I get to Korea in March. If anyone is feeling inspired and creative, I could hand out flyers to some of the RPers I know/meet. Hopping on NWN is sometimes easier than getting everyone in a room together for a table top so maybe I can spark up some new blood with them. I just don't really have a creative cell in my brain for anything besides writing.

  • I think there was a community made flyer at some point…. or did it never get finished...

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    i levelled in forum warrior prc and found it.

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