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  • I was going through some concept art pictures and I found some that were so immersive that they completely reminded me of some of the quests in coa, now when I do them these pictures just kick in full tilt in my memory. I figured we could all post some nice art to compliment some quests, kindof like if you picked up a d&d premade adventure book and this'd be the image on the front page of it.

    Bundle 1

    Dead Cold Up North

    Making a killing out of kobolds

    Cold to the Bones

    Stone Troll

    Damp Cave

    Worse Things Happen at Sea

    What's Cooking?

    Withering Heights

    Scholarly Hunt

    Frin's Basement

    What Lies Beneath

    Bhresken Factory

    Orcs Beasts and Spirits, Oh my!

    Silent Song

    Off with her head

    Defence of Durmoth

    Stoneland Hunting

    Haunted Painting

    Azer's Secrets

    Artifact Hunt

  • Awesome. Again, we need to grab these images and put them into the haks, and manually insert them into the loading screens for specific areas. In this case, the areas of these quests. It would be awesome!

  • Is this something that non dm's could help do that requires time rather than scripting knowhow? Because if I can help make it happen I totally will, this'd be awesome to have.

  • I agree with Zool 100%. Great pics

  • Would help if players took a hand in making that happen. We have so much to do, we may never get around to something cosmetic (awesome though it is!)

  • Admin [DM]

    Where did you find the pictures? I am curious to look into the artists

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Didn't Thune have a simlar thread? Would be cool to have all these in one place.

  • Thune's was for areas in general.

  • Admin [DM]

    Shuffled to where it should be, Art of Arabel 😉

  • What format need the pictures be and what …resolution?

  • To answer your question Puffy

    • Dead cold up north was drawn by Maugryph

    • Damp Cave was drawn by Yobarte

    • Making a Killing out of Kobolds was taken from the concept art of a sci fi game called Resistance 3 but I couldn't find the artist for it.

    • Swamp Trolls also didn't have an artist name appended to it.

    Also I added a bunch more.

  • This is fantastic. I want these to be in game.

  • I added in three more, got photoshop yesterday so I'm having fun posting these out and editing out some things that just don't fit in "like a warning sign on the bresk quests tree"

    Here are some honorable mentions for badly photoshopped concept art I messed with that didn't quite make the cut for the main post.

    [bli]Home Alone[/bli]

  • Tossed in a few more quests, I started using spoilers to divide the quests in groups of ten because the post was getting quite large.

  • Admin [DM]

    Do me a favour and just pop where you get the stuff or which artist from with each picture, I really like some of these and plus it gives the source credit 😉

  • Most of these I got months and/or years ago so I couldn't tell, some of them were concept art for varius videogames "amnesia" "Dragonage" etc and they don't have the artist names either, though I did edit out the video game logos with photoshop.

  • ChrisCold:

    He has some of the most haunting imagery.

  • That's some nice stuff Strawman!

  • Added in Artifact Hunt 😃 (The notebook quest)

  • Bumping this. We're going to add these into the haks. If you got other suggestions for quests, feel free to post.

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