Announcements of The Arcane Congress

  • Tower

    I, Magus Saramad Hill henceforce am creating The Arcane Congress, a guild of like-minded scholars and magic-interested fellows.

    We will delve into forgotten ruins, uncover secret lore, ancient spells not used since Netherese times will be at our very fingertips. No magic spell, no alteration of this most sacred arcane art shall remain unknown any longer!
    No more shall magical artifacts be hidden away, they shall be brought into the light, studied and learned, scrutinized to the very pinnacle of understanding!
    Send work to Magus Saramad Hill if you find yourself tickled with intrigue by these posters.

    P.S. Mercenaries may be wanted for body-guarding jobs.

  • Tower

    The Arcane Congress is recruiting!
    If you are a budding scholar, wizard, blood-born mage or even a singer whom floods their voice with magic, you are useful.
    If you find yourself intrigued by the concept of learning all there is to know behind the mysteries of magic, indeed all magic, to see it used for the greater good. If you find yourself interested in discovering artifacts lost to time itself, indeed if you find yourself seeking the power that comes with learning arcane magic, then you must simply send word to Magus Saramad Hill at the Spire, Shylocks or the World Serpent.

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