African Bushveld Conservation

  • Greetings and Salutations to my CoA Family.

    I know many of you have your own lives to deal with, and your own problems, but I am really looking to give back, not only to our planet, but the animals and people that share it with us.

    I am actively seeking donations to help me achieve my goals and any help you guys could provide would be fantastic.

    I am planning a trip to South Africa to help out, specifically with the African Bushveld Conservation.

    Any Donations you can muster would be greatly appreciated and any publicity you could give this would be appreciated too.

    Much Love,

  • Tower

    I can't give a whole lot but I gave what I can spare, I hope even the tiny donation helps.

  • I really don't understand Voluntourism, on any level.

  • While I understand volunteering. Charity starts at home for me. I will see if have something to spare.

  • Best of luck dude

  • Thank you Mortui, and thank you Vrugor. Even a share on Social Media or around your town will be greatly appreciated.


    I really don't understand Voluntourism, on any level.

    Honestly Thune, it's not so much the tourism for me. Yes I want to travel, yes I want to visit these beautifully underestimated countries, but I mostly want to go to help out and to learn new stories from the people I interact with.

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