*A small notice, hung near the dwarves in Old Town*

  • To all brave and stout children of Moradin.

    Two nights ago, I found one of your own Guilus the Brave, brutally slain and forced to walk Old Town, to attack those who believed he was protecting. His killer, and animater, was no other than Thaldan Menas, a known high ranking member of The Plebian Court. One of your own, Ragor is his name, and an unnamed dwarven arcanist, call Menas the Dwarf slayer their ally and friend.
    You may care, you may not. But you should know the truth of potential allies, and so you may act on an illuminated basis, going forward. Myself and a few adventurers brought down Guilus' animated form, and took him to the Clergy of Kelemvor within the Citadel, where he awaits a burial fitting your people.
    Me and my own kin, value audacity and bravery, especially from those who do great things merely because it is the right thing to do, not because they wish the glory of their success. I write my name, only so you may know who I am, should you desire more information.

    Tormtar Calia Alynn
    Knight Errant of The Four Saints
    Advisor of The Citadel Council

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