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    As the title of this bulletin notice suggests I am founding a group of interested people to be delving into the netherese ruins and any other area of note for its long lost forgotten knowledge, relics teachings and lore. The goal? We're recovering them of-course and putting it to good use for the betterment of the land, if we can't use it we'll study it and learn from it!

    I'm looking for both scholars, adventure seekers, treasure hunters and those with a good moral compass looking to protect the scholars for the sake of a brighter future for these lands and the lands surrounding them.

    Contact council advisor Arcavius Thunderclasp at the spire if you're interested or have areas of note you'd be interested in participating on an expedition too, make sure to also explain why that area of note is worth investigating if you do!

    -Advisor Arcavius Thunderclasp

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