Announcement of House Dracohorn

  • BY EDICT OF LORD STALLAHAST DRACOHORN The man known as Frederick, formerly of House Dracohorn,
    and his accomplices are hereby
    of any rank or privelege afforded to them by Lord Dracohorn.

    They are granted 48 hours in which to turn themselves over,
    To return to Lord Dracohorn the belongings of his household,
    and in doing so walk freely in the Kingdom of Cormyr,
    as Citizens of the Crown.
    Failure to do so shall warrant the much harsher penalty
    of defying a Lord of Cormyr.

  • @Polaris:

    Hear ye,

    Proud citizens of the greatest and most civilized nation in the Realms. Lord Dracohorn wishes to address you. Those whose blood boils at the indignities that proud Caravan City suffers still, would do well to attend and hear his lordship's words.

    His Lordship asks for this chance to raise his proud and ancient name before you, and bring civilization, justice, goodness and peace. You have suffered under the yoke of anarchy and indifference too long. This is Cormyr, not Calimshan, that criminals dare openly walk the streets where the feet of our King, Azoun IV, once stood. Where the great wizardess Kanthea held her steadfast vigil. Where blessed Darmos, the Chosen of the Old Goddess Tymora granted his benedictions. Where the four great houses of Arabel once brought peace and prosperity to the lands before it was ravished by greedy Sembians, the godless heathens, the hated Netherese.

    His Lordship will succeed, for to hinder him is to hinder the Land of the Purple Dragon, whose very soil cries against the indignities heaped upon her.

    Furthermore, the Lord would speak to all ex-Purple Dragons, Suzailians and those prepared to nourish Cormyr's soil with their own blood, separately. The Lord will instruct you on how you may wash the filth of our caravan city, make it whole again.

    Write to me, the Steward of Dracohorn in the Fine Hells, I will make him proud with how many true Cormyreans still exist in this terrible place.

    Steward Harlin Greysteel
    House Dracohorn

  • House Dracohorn, in association with House Illance, House Wintersun, House Thundersword, House Emmarask, House Orthwood, and the Royal House Huntsilver, wishes all Citizens of Arabel to know that they will not sit idly by while gangs rule the streets. This is Cormyr!

    Were you but born three decades ago, or even two decades ago, in this land, you would have grown up in a land of fruit and honey, were food was plentiful, the realm prospered, the roads were safe, and the laws were just. Now, war and tribulation has rent itself against the Kingdom of Cormyr. We have suffered, but we do not yet forget the days of our fathers, where a woman might walk across the country without fear of hurt or horror.

    There are safer places to be. But this is where we are. This is Home. This is Cormyr.

    Outside the walls of this miserable sanctuary, preserved only for the few, the privileged, and the wealthy. The commons suffer from the dictate and wrath of the gangs. Their children are born and raised in squalor and poverty, forever in fear the monsters that dwell among them.

    This is not what Cormyr stands for. This is not Cormyr. This is a hollow, soulless husk, which feeds upon itself. Hope must be rekindled. The Caravan City must rise again from the ashes. And my Lord Dracohorn is the one to do it, for he is a powerful magnate with a deep affection for the land and the people, and he has the support of many other houses, Great and Small.

    He has pledged himself to reclaiming Old Town from the army of monsters, bloodstone dealers, bandits, and smugglers. He will preserve the beautiful and bountiful forest of Venerable Hullack, and reseat the Dwarves in their ancient holdfast of Thunderholme.

    Retainer Tamsin Belletryn
    House Dracohorn

  • Tower

    House Dracohorn announces the defeat of prominent Chaos Brigade leader, Captain Jaws, as the result of a coalition effort led by Bannerman Addams, Agent Dahr, Dorna Bouldershot, Valerio Caligos, and Advisor Boulvier. Captain Jaws's meddling inside and out of the Pit has come to an end. This marks the beginning of a new age for Arabel. No more hiding. No more giving into the commands of the monsters of those in the Chaos Brigade. Old Town will burgeon and prosper as the Citadel does. Monsters who choose not to repent will be given no quarter.

    Bannerman Bergan Addams

  • On this Night, as Lathander gives way to Selune, and her Tears shimmer across the starry night, Rejoice! Rejoice, Arabel, for Shivering Jenny is no more, and the back of the Chaos Brigade has been broken!
    Led by Lord Stallahas Dracohorn himself, we entered the Tunnels below the City, where once crept Dragons, and a vast horde of vile Lycans! Against our blades and our spells they fell, a numberless and malcontent breed.
    Yet where Loyal Cormyrians stand Tall and Strong, none can stand against them! Spearheaded by Retainers of House Dracohorn, the Advisor Mastian, and Caligos of Sembia, and aided by the Apprentice Arcavius, Arabel is now that much safer.

  • Crimson Guard

    House Dracohorn seeks loyal cormyreans and those who wish to make a positive change to Arabel to join the Bannermen of House Dracohorn.

    Contact a Bannerman or Retainer of the House to learn more

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