The Hatchet's Adventuring Company Portal Endeavour

  • The Hatchet's Adventuring Company!

    **The Hatchet's are looking for people willing to locate and investigate portals, scattered around the area. We aspire to create a comprehensive Portal Map, for all adventurers to take advantage off.

    So, if you're a scholar or a loremaster, looking to study the portals, talk to the Hatchet's and we'll work out a way to compensate you for your time and effort.
    If you're a tracker with a good grasp of the area, and know where to find hidden portals, the Hatchet's will pay you to guide us and our scholars to previously undiscovered portals.

    Representatives of The Hatchet's Adventuring Company can be reached at the Sky Spire Inn or the Eveningstar camps, adressed to The Hatchet's Adventuring Company


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