The Uzgol Trol, The Dead Marchers [posted in old town]

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    I am Attok, The Last of the Line of Falgrimmar, Barakor, and Spectre of Thunderholme. I am the Dead Walking, the Wrath of Our People against the Silibant Shade, the creature that drove us from our home. The voice of One Thousand Dead Dwarves crying out in vengeance, I desire to see the Halls of Sacred Stone cleansed of evil, and denied forever to those who would squat and pillage our homeland.

    I seek my kinsman to join me in my Dead March against the Silibant Shade and her Servitors. I seek ye, my good kindred- to die for me in my quest to reclaim the Halls of our forebears, and finish the deed a thousand dwarves died in performing.

    The Death of the Shade. Thunderholme is Dead, but the Dead still March. We march until victory is ours. Our broken bodies standing until the Dragon lies sundered, it's soul fractured, and it's body broken. We did not die in defense of King and Hall, and our shame shall only be cleansed with our death in victory.

    Ready your axes, gird your steel, the Dwarves of Thunderholme will March Once more to finish the fight the Shade started.

    Attok, the Last of the Falgrimmar
    Revenant of Thunderholme

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