The Search for Dragons!

  • _> In the hunt for Draconic knowledge and Lore, House Dracohorn will be seeking out relics to control dragons to protect the lands from future tragedy's like the one that befell Thunderholme. In addition, we are seeking known locations of dragons, draconic lore, dragon artifacts, or anything related to dragons and their disciples.

    Dragons are ancient, wondrous creatures. With the aid of benevolent dragons, we will ensure that Arabel and it's lands are kept safe for generations to come from threats such as the Sibilant Shade.

    If you wish to join me, we will be actively seeking out the Dragon said to slumber in the Stonelands tomorrow. All that wish to come and learn of draconic knowledge are welcome.

    In Service of House Dracohorn and Arabel,

    Frederick Dracohorn
    Son of Lord Dracohorn_

  • The Draconomicon is sought! Those with information will be paid a king's ransom for turning it over, so that we may use it to organize hunts for Draconic relics!

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