Craven's relic salvaging operation begins!

  • Builders Guild

    As the name implies I will be organizing a venture into the ruins of Thunderholme to do what I do best. Find, acquire, salvage and refurbish lost relics of Thunderholme and giving it back to their rightful owners.

    This will be charity work boys, everything we find down there be it treasure or relics is going to the dwarven refugees to help them get back on their feet. While I can not promise a set wage for those volunteering to participate in the expedition I am hoping those who want to help out but can't participate would be interested in sponsoring this expedition.

    Sign your names below if you wish to volunteer your assistance in any way shape or form and we'll be announcing a date for the expedition as soon as the roster is sufficient!

    -Relic Hunter Craven

  • I will participate in this endeavor.

    -Aline Hikin

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