High Level Quests on the Server

  • Been looking to do new quests to change it up a bit, but I think I might have found all of them. I'm looking for quests with X-10 Caps and higher. Here's the list of stuff I have done.

    Gypsy 1-10
    Swamp Barbs 6-10
    Withering Heights 3-10
    Hexing cows 7-13
    Hell Cows 6-10
    Castle Assault 5-10?
    Bresk 5-10
    Dead Cold 5-10
    Barrows quest 5-10
    Frosties 7-12
    Scrambled 7-12
    Ashby Parts 1,2,3 7-20
    Alumra 6-11
    Fire goblins 7-12
    Aldek's bear claw 7-12
    Slaad 3-10
    Demon Isle 6-10
    Slums Tower 7-12
    Drow quest 6-12
    Missing Pilgrims 7-12
    Notebook 7-20

    Is there anything else I'm missing from this list? Chances are I'm forgetting a few that I have done, so looking for rare quests that aren't done too often.

  • Notebook is 4-20
    Barrows is 6-10
    You're right on castle assault
    Ashby quests are both bugged and cut off currently.

  • More wondering if there is any other quests though. Did I miss any or this all of them?

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