A death long overdue

  • Years ago, the city of Arabel was attacked by an agent of death known as the Primordial. The city was destined to die and frost its death, a glorious rebirth was to take place. But steps were taken that even the gods did not foresee and the laws of death and nature were broken that day by a shield so unnatural was amde that pieces of it leave their marks on the land and cause anathema wherever they are found and used.

    The shield only protected the citadel while half of the city was allowed to die, the other part lingered. The sides of life and death now prevent the other from reaching their true destiny, to be united in rebirth and from ever being whole. To set that straight, the part that never died must inf fact, be allowed to die. Thus we are here, to right the wrongs, to correct that which death was cheated. To prevent the city from lingering in a state of living death, never being whole but never dying either.

    I call upon any who would see this done, that now is your chance to prove the worth of both yourself and your gods. Servants of the furies can come up with a plan to raze it with lightning or to drown it in the powers of the bitch queen. Those who wold call upon the living dead can raise armies to attack it. Those who worship the mistress of poison, we can conjure up a plague that will wipe the citadel out. Those are just examples. Contact me to get help to see your god conjure up the highest glories possible.

    Help me help the city to its proper state of glorious rebirth instead of watching it write and suffer in living death.

    Contact Death. Leave a note in the sewers, it will be found.

  • I will offer a unique and incredible chance to everyone, where success will be as glorious as failiure will be devastating.

    Clar Banda is unique among the gods in a way. She is so young, but more importantly, before ascension to godhood, she was a lich. Liches keep phylacteries and the phylactery of a goddess can possibly be used to kill her. I offer you the chance to seek this prize before i get my hands on it. I intend to use it to kill every last man, woman and child within the citadel, but if you get your hands on it, you can use it to become forever tied to history as the person to slay an evil goddess.

    The hunt is on.

    -Doomscribe Baetoris

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