Announcements: The Night Owl Mercenary Company

  • The Night Owl Mercenary Company

    The night is dark, dangerous. While the innocent lock their doors to shield themselves from the darkness, a new force will rise. They will take upon themselves the Night Watch. Vigilant, cunning and with sharpened talons, the Owls will take flight, and bring war to those who prey on the innocent. When the night is darkest, they will keep the monsters at bay. When the sun sets, the Night Owl Company will battle the darkness, and ensure that when the sun rises, the innocent may wake to a better world than the day before.

    The Night Owl Mercenary Company has been born within the dirtied streets of Old Town. They are united for a desire to better the world, and to cease the opportunity for a second chance. It is not blood, a parent’s name, or the deeds of yesterday that shall shape tomorrow. Glory, fame and a better lot in life can be taken by the tip of a sword, and the day of tomorrow belongs to those who desire to claim it. There is more to life than living of the scraps left behind from the rich man’s table. And in these dark days, people who wish more in life than getting by, and mere survival, must unite and make it so.

    Know us, by our beaks and feathers, silvered by the light of The Moon, and our black cloaks, to keep us hidden until we strike against the foul, the perverse and the wicked.
    The Night Owls are recruiting. We do not care for place of birth, bloodlines or the deeds of yesterday. We do not look back, but always forward, towards a new day, a new night, and our next watch. Be you a new arrival to the city, new to the adventuring world, or an old veteran seeking to assist us in our work, you shall be welcomed within our Company. All we ask, is you are not lost in the darkness, but either have a kind heart, or a desire for redemption. The Night Owls are a Mercenary Company of Second Chances.

    Contact Amrelle Greystone, First to Take the Watch, at The Fine Hells or Shylock Pub, to hear more.

  • The Night Owl Mercenary Company are recruiting!

    What you did yesterday means nothing to us. What you wish to do tomorrow is what we will focus on. We will take on the jobs no one else dare do. We will hunt down the biggest, most evil monsters and wicked folk imaginable. We are not beings of law, for the laws have never helped a man being robbed, or a woman seeing an orc butcher her family. We will do what is just, what is right. And the rest of the world can look on for all we care.

    • All recruits, known as fledglings or owlets, will be issued a silvered helmet and a cloak of nightly colours.

    • For every 100 gold pieces earned by the Night Owls, 20 will be donating to the poorest of Old Towns residents.

    • In return for your services, The Night Owl Company offers:

    • Life Insurance – If you find an untimely death, we shall ensure you are returned to life, at the Companies’ expense.

    • First pick amongst treasures gathered on missions and adventurers.

    • Healing supplies when a suitable arrangement is made.

    • Protection in Old Town: You fight and protect the Forgotten Folk, left to live and die without the protection of Cormyr and its nobility. They will see the good you are doing, and the good deeds you are performing on their behalf.

    • A glorious future: See the world, fight ancient evils, rescue damsels, (Or mansels, as Frado the priest says they are called), and go on adventurers beyond your wildest dreams.

    • Training. If you cannot wield a sword we will teach you. If you run at the sight of danger, we will show you how to stand your ground. Every man has a talent, every woman has something to contribute. We just have to find it.

    Amrelle Greystone, First to Take the Watch.

  • The Night Owl Mercenary Company are Seeking Sponsors and Employment!

    We offer you our talents within the below mentioned areas:

    • Information Gathering. We see much in the Night, many secrets which can be yours at a price.

    • Item Recovery. Even if you were not the previous Owner.

    • IProtection. Need a bodyguard, or a set of hands on a dangerous mission, then look no further.

    • Extermination. As long as it breaths, we can kill it, or die trying.

    • Representation in Clandestine matters. Dont want to hire hands for your dirty work, or cannot be seen doing what you want? Then pay us to represent you.

    All work will be strictly confidential. We take payment in gold, favors, and if the cause is right and just, even simple supper.
    Amrelle Greystone, First to Take the Watch.

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